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    Yeah, the tree is up but can’t get whole thing on web-cam, our cam has short cord now, someday we will invest in a better one. As I think I mentioned our good friend Terri took our good web-cam because he thought Aliens were trying to get at our children and implant some sort of chip inside of them through the camera, he had stopped taking his medication. The last time he stopped taking his medication Juan and I were under attack from witches who lived in the woods surrounding our house. Bless his heart, poor guy, he really gets worked up when off of his medication. Sadly, Terri is a great artist and says the medication makes him unable to create anything. Oh, our tree is up and can be seen on the web-cam. http://www.villaveces.us/”>http://www.villaveces.us/

    Someones birthday is coming up SOON.



    definitely a neat tree, Mattman, I like it a lot :D

    and gosh, yours is huge, Annastefka :mrgreen: :!: ..and I defintely like the natural look of it :)
    sad story with your friend, though, being either on medication and uncreative, or driven by witches & aliens. hope he finds a safe way out of the dilemma!

    hey, and I even saw 2 of your girls dancing around with baby Oscar :mrgreen: it made me want to wave at them :):):)


    "Robert" wrote:
    "*sophie*" wrote:
    wait, Fairytopia Barbie, nothing to do with common Barbies :P

    so what is it then? does it have scary powers? it sort of looks like it does.

    can’t you fucking see it’s all CYAN !??? :evil:

    :wink: *smooch*

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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