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    Rumor out there that if theres enough interest in a DVD release of the recent show in Northampton it will happen. According to the info, all the proceeds will go to help support the Community Resources for People With Autism program, great way to contribute & see amazing footage of some of your fav bands :!:

    Big Thanks to Screaming Tree for bring the info to FreakScene, so show your interest by clicking on the links below the message…

    Hello , Steve Westfield here.
    I talked with the video people from the Northampton show and they MAY release an official DVD of the concert IF enough people are interested. So…here I am at message boards seeing what you all think.
    They used six high quality, 16-bit sound, cameras and taped the entire concert. The proceeds from DVD sales will go to Community Resources for People with Autism, like the proceeds from the concert. (Thanks, by the way, to all for the sellout of tickets…good for you).

    I have permission from all the bands to release a live CD also, but before we edit all SIX hours of music and THIRTY SIX hours of video, I am testing for interest. SO….. leave a note here if we should..
    Great cause, great bands. What a beautiful world it is.

    Sonic Youth’s link

    Freakscene’s link

    decide, which J songs to include in an Official Northampton live CD

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    YES, I think I speak for everyone when I say that this concert should be released on both. :shock: I didn’t get to see it, and it would be great to since I heard how much of a blast the show was. Any idea when it will be released??

    Barptkon :twisted:



    I’m definitely interested in a DVD of the show. I got there late, probably somewhere before halfway through J’s set. It was an excellent show and I really want to see what I missed.



    After the show, my friends and I wondered amongst ourselves about the cameraman onstage.



    A DVD would definitely be cool!



    what a great idea … i’d be into the dvd and the cd …



    I know I’ve already posted this elsewhere, but this must be done!!!! A DVD/CD set would be fuckin’ awesome. Please don’t disappoint me.



    Has anyone heard anything new about this dvd/cd? Any updates? I’m really looking foward to it.



    Haven’t heard a word, still have my fingers crossed they can get the DVD together :!:

    They could raise a ton of cash for the Autism program, no doubt about it 8)



    gotta say i was honestly a bit disappointed in the show overall, but i’d for sure support the hell out of a cd/dvd for a cool cause. it oughta be done.



    show was unbelievable



    it was somewhat messed up.
    but a good show none-the-less.

    fire codes?
    no one allowed to stand?
    no smoking?
    no beer?
    no drugs?
    never met up w/ my cousin who was there too.



    i was standing during sebadoh really great set,

    made us sit down during j.. i didnt really mind though haha got me a front row seat and enjoyed the shit out of j

    sonic youth rocked

    one of the best shows ever



    So yeah, I know this post is old, but I just wondered what the fate is/was for this DVD/CD?

    Naturally i’m interested, though i’m sure this post matters little now.




    I’ve heard from a reliable source that the DVD/CD deal is still being made, it just isn’t finished yet. Whether it actually is RELEASED is different. I’m hearing this second hand, so you might as well take this as a rumor, though one I concider from a good source.

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