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    The set list for last night went:

    Same Day
    Furry Little Things
    Back Before You Go
    All the Girls

    Down on the Street
    Not Right
    TV Eye

    Be Your Dog
    No Fun

    I had such a great day yesterday. I got a call at 3pm telling me I had an interview with Mike Watt at 7pm. We chatted in the bar next door to the venue for about an hour. He such a great guy, he’s got so much to say which really helped me as it was my first interview. I met J, and George. George told me all about his new record he’s recording at J’s house. Got all my stuff signed, especially my 1993 John Peels sessions 2×7". Watched an amazing gig, took some photos, George gave me his stick at the end, and now I can’t hear. I’m still buzzing. What a great day.



    Thanks for posting that. Very cool [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img] Can we expect to see that interview up sometime soon? [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] Sounds like it was a great show!

    Can’t wait to hear what George has cooking, any details on a band name or type of music it will be? He has 2 cats, one named Iggy and one named Ozzy so you can see a couple of his influences right there [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]


    Paul Morgan

    Portsmouth was a pretty good show,crowd seemed bemused at times & only a small group of moshers.I hadnt heard the wagon for years & it was like being introduced to an old friend.Its probably the only time i’ll hear a stooge doing be your dog – and it was amazing.For a cruel minute I thought Freakscene would not be done.Then 2nd encore, chord D and I’m moshing like a madman – havent done this for years.Evan Dando at the same venue next week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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