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    Well, I got to see J. That’s all I can say. Unfortunately, the concert wasn’t that great, once the shock of seeing it all wore off. The main problem was that the instruments were so loud you couldn’t hear a single word anyone sung. I didn’t have the more light CD at that time, so I didn’t recognize most of the songs to begin with, but the only songs that I could recognize from the intro’s were raisans and thumb. So, here’s the full story.
    It started off looking pretty nice. The crystal ballroom seemed like a great place to have a concert, and they had bar the was separate from the stage, so all the adults got the hell away from the front of the stage, leaving the best areas for us kids. It didn’t seem very crowded, maybe only 100 people when the first band got up. They were a local group call the Pinehurst kids. They were pretty good, but suffered from same unhearable lyrics as J did. I got to talk to them a little, and they were pretty cool. I think I later heard that J produced there album, but not sure on that one. The next band, the Beachwood sparks, was, uh, interesting. Actually, it was a nice break from the indie punk. They were a kinda 60’s band, with some cool instruments, like slide guitar, harmonica, xylophone. My mom, who I had to drag to the concert, enjoyed this band, I guess that sums it up. J was up next. by this time, about 300 people had showed up, and everyone was buzzing, waiting for J. The sound tech came on, and every one started screaming, thinking it was J. They seemed to be having a little trouble, because the sound tech had to fiddle with the bass for about 30 minutes to get a sound out of it. Well, after waiting forever, the band finally got on. J didn’t say much, just a simple "hey" and dove right in. I can’t even remember the set list, but I remember being totally confused as to what I was hearing. Probably something new. Well, it turned out the crystal ballroom sorta sucked. Actually, I have a recording of the concert coming soon, so I’ll have to see if that’s any better, but on the whole, it was so hard to hear anything beyond fuzz, I was lost. Not to say that I wasn’t having a great time, I was screaming my head off, and singing along when ever I could. The highlight had to be Thumb, when the solo dies down. A few non-dino people started clapping, but every one else knew what was coming. It was like a rubber band being stretched, it was some how totally silent with so much energy waiting to explode. The drums started in, and I might as well have died then. That truly was one of the greatest moments of my life, I have to say. It’s so weird. All my friends laugh when I talk about J or dino. But there’s something about him..if you like him, you love him. I heard one song on a snowboarding video, not you again. I went and bought WCWM, and was disappointed at what I found on the rest of the album. I listened to it a couple more times, and sorta warmed up to it. I ended up going the local music shop, where I found with out a sound used. loved it. got where you been. loved it. now, I own everything from hand it over to dinosaur, jayloumurph, the australian tour CD, quest, and a load of singles, in a matter of about 8 months. Ok, this is getting a little off topic, but once I start talking about Dinosaur jr, it’s hard to stop, and as I’m amongst people who probably understand, hey, why not. Over all, J had just come back to oregon, and play again. soon. If the recording is any good, I’ll try to get it up here. Oh, and i forgot to mention that I got to pick up a high e string that J some how popped all the way off his guitar. Yeah…life is good.

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