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    Excellent, loud, rocking show. My first Dino show since 97 so it was fun to see the old lineup.

    BTW the show veered off the setlist. Wagon, Raisans and Budge were all listed but not played…Gargoyles and Mt Man were not listed but were played. the mt man->chunks encore was incredibly intense.

    Setlist (9:44-11:01):

    Bulbs of Passion
    The Lung
    Back to Your Heart
    Been There All the Time
    Out There
    Feel the Pain
    Little Fury Things
    Freak Scene
    Forget the Swan


    Mountain Man->
    Chunks (A Last Rights Tune)


    i live about 1 minute 30 second away via car from where this show was. unfortunately i thought it would be fine if i left at quarter to ten to catch the set, and so it missed the first four songs. what an idiot i am. the rest of the show was pretty fucking amazing and intense, the venue however is probably the worst venue to place at in portland, except for all ages shows, it’s like the only. definitely look forward to checking them out again wherever they play within a 150 mile vicinity.

    oh yea and they ran out of 7 inches. fuck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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