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    Or U Can REAd It Here:

    On paper, there wasn’t any reason to like Dinosaur Jr. With J. Mascis’ nails-over-chalkboard whine (and dreary disposition to match) and a desultory, feedback-infested post-punk sound, the New England-area trio flouted the mainstream, fully embracing the early Nirvana-era indie-rock ethos. By the time 1993’s Where You Been rolled around, however, Dinosaur Jr. had discovered a more melodic approach (Start Choppin, Out There), and 1994’s Without a Sound featured their poppiest fret yet, Feel the Pain. It’s a meandering affair, an acquired taste; it’s Ear-Bleeding Country: The Best of Dinosaur Jr.

    –Blair R. Fischer

    3 Out Of 4 Bunnies

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