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    Featuring Henry Rollins, James Urbaniak & Maria Bamford

    video by Scott Jacobson

    Spin has has the backstory on the video.



    I have no opinion about anything anymore : ) cool ? I don’t know ha ha



    Eh, the quality is no where near the level of ” What the Corners” It’s the quality of some really bad 80’s video’s. They were probably going for that. The sound system thing and mid-life crisis is probably something the older guys can relate to. I just upgraded the speakers to Pioneers in my car. Nothing like what they have in the video. In fact the budget may have gone to that sound system makeing the video so poor…



    well i think it’s really damn funny. especially the look Henry Rollins gives…. ha ha! in my opinion videos should be made funny and not taken too seriously…. anyway, you do have the choice wether to watch it or not. i’ve found video’s before where they’ve put me off the band, but this one doesn’t involve anything completely stupid!

    i like how the main character is similar to the dad form “watch the corners” vid. and how both videos are different to any others they’ve done. i am happy with it, especially that they’ve included Rollins! ha ha…. i’m still laughing about his headbut!



    There’s some stuff with J where he talks about not caring about how or what the videos are about, and its just someone elses take on the song but he does not really care. I’m guessing that still applies……I’ve never attached any meaning to the songsand videos……..I have posted it before but the only ones I think are cool are feel the pain and over it….. The rest are just ok…..But with the music in the background I guess I’m very bias and I find stuff I like in them.



    Hank Rollins in a tie, administering beatings totally made this video for me! :-j



    I laughed out loud watching it. Lots of great touches, super funny.

    “Was that a real video? It looks legit, I’m just asking”–my kid



    It remind me of Dj Mehdi:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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