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    Photographer and long-time friend of CV, Steve Wainstead, posted his photos from the Brooklyn gig at the Southpaw, including a couple nice shots of J with his axe :D

    Take a look here:

    http://slim.deasil.com/~swain/2003/cobr … -24/index/



    what an odd looking guitar.

    squeapler, any idea if j’s going to be in arlington tomorrow ?

    me and a friend are going to arrive around 6 for dinner at the club.
    see you there perhaps.



    well, the recording on the iota phone says, "thursday, cobra verde and mike shoop."

    guess no j for this one :(



    hey squeapler, thanks for the link :D :!:

    … so that’s what a flower strat looks like :aliensmile: 8)


    [… as the first link doesn’t work anymore, I put up another J flower strat pic, instead]



    hey anthony, that’s sad about no j :( but hope to see you there anyway.

    i dunno what i’ll wear tomorrow but i have the usual long brown hair, glasses and i’ll probably wear my purple cow bandanna in honor of j even though he’s not showing up…



    I like the picture of J with the funny facial expression. I always crack up when I see pictures of him. -More pictures please!!!. Im going to upload some of my pictures soon (when I get access to a damn scanner) I cant wait to show you guys a picture of J when hes playing one of his solos -His lips are poking out making him look really half-witted -its really funny.



    hey squeapler … many thanks for the link to these cool pix … and many thanks for keeping us all informed of all things cv … and now cv w/j too :mrgreen: :mrgreen: … maybe one day (soon?) they’ll make it over to the UK ?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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