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    I shot two rolls of film at the J Solo show in San Francisco. The remaining photographs have been scanned and posed…

    Pictures of J Mascis Solo w/ Cobra Verde

    Out of the 48 film photographs I took at the J Solo show in SF, I’ve posted 6 of them on my homepage. Most of the film pics are similar in nature (same composition/cropping/framing etc) with the Digi photos I posted earlier this week. Throughout the entire show, I’d switch between the two cameras. So, In the spirit of non-redundancy, I’ve decided to post only a few of the photos. e-mail me if this doesn’t jive with you.

    The big surprise of the evening was the crowd was laid back and easy going, very supportive, and vocal. I also saw the women (from the last J show) who passed me a note asking (demanding) me (and my camera) to move…I thought it would be cute if I introduce myself and give her back the Note she gave me and ask her to ‘hand it back to me if I get in your way’…Well that never happened. She seemed to pissed off at something, so I never followed through.

    The other big surprise of the evening (for me) was…And I’m still reeling from…The curve ball Rosa threw with her new (louise brooks) short hair style. Throughout the evening, I was in denial saying "This can’t be her, she has short hair…Unprecednented!?" Funny looks to each other ensued. Rosa says she is growing out of a shitty haircut. My Reply: So Not! Anyway we did catchup briefly for a mind meld after the show.

    Thats all folks.

    OSX Out!

    Jeremiah, If I haven’t already told you…this web sight fucking rocks! Thanks! <img> <img> <img> <img>



    So you know, I love 9025 (Not You Again! Rock!)and have printed out a full-size print for myself. Also like 2_12A a LOT…I’m gonna play the odds and guess Ammaring, because it was like five hours long <img>

    Take care, & check your PM box,



    As Always, Thank U SO MUCH for these beautiful Pics



    i wonder how you manage to take pics during the show… is it allowed in usa ???
    i’d like to try in paris but i guess they won’t allow me to come into the venue with my cam <img>

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