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    Me again, he only played for 10 minutes but I got a couple of goodies. Hope the post isn’t rambling for ya on musicsnobbery.com.



    Hey thanks Chris! BTW – I think I pissed myself abit over that Stryper email a couple weeks back.

    Few more pictures are starting to show up via flickr



    Its crazy I invited this girl to go to the Katrina benefit and she couldn’t make it because she said she was going to see a show at Webster Hall. I said if it doesn’t work out you could still try and come and catch J. So I went by myself and J played second. He played Thumb and than Get Me and Alone with the looper and the solos. So I stuck around there and watched vernon reid play some voodoo child. Than I went downtown and met my friend and all of a sudden I got a text message that said J is playing here now. I was shocked. I called her and she let me listen over the phone to alone. It was just crazy. Thing is I would have liked to see this girl more than J but like someone says "I don’t see you , I won’t call you , I don’t know enough to stall you…


    "musicsnobbery " wrote:
    The surprise guest of the night was J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. He played for ten minutes and it was mostly guitar solos. I reminded me of how awesome a player he is and he doesn’t do those lame guitar solo faces like Eric Clapton does when he’s in a groove.

    hahaha yeah j is totally the anti-clapton. i mean i love me some early cream/derek and the dominos era shit.. but please..play me some fucking riffs.. fuck your mtv unplugged.

    if i could cha-a-ange the world.. nope…



    wow …. j seems to be everywhere right now … he’s such a busy guy …



    Yeah, Clapton rubs me the wrong me. It’s like he goes out of his way to show how much a Blues musician he is. Like he’s soooo into the music that he can’t help but look like he’s getting oral sex from somebody. J is straight up Zen master. Jack White is the same way, he might knock around some shit while he’s playing, but he’s a plays like a God.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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