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    What a great photograph of Lou. I was telling my kids just a few days ago that their Father is like the poster child for what a "man" is. Jokingly, I said that a photograph of him should be included in the encyclopedia under the word "Man". We then decided, how fun it would would be if we got a photograph of Daddy on Wikipedia. We went to Wikipedia and they actually have a photograph of what they are calling a "man" and I had to laugh. That’s not the ideal image of a "man" in my opinion. Look at it….that’s not what a man looks like. Men are hairy….they have wonderfully hairy legs and bellies and should have a nice batch of hair on their chests so that one can nestle down in it. After seeing the photograph of Lou with his beard and his torn pants and his glasses that look darker in that photograph than they really are…playing music standing in front of the drums….I thought..what a man. Now, I’m thinking I would rather see that very photograph of Lou above on Wikipedia under the definition of "man" than even my handsome Leo husband. I apologize if any young ones are here and may be offended by my including the photograph that is now being shown on Wiki but I just wanted to make a point. Lou should continue to grow out his beard….Girl and I have already made our love for the beard known here. You decide. Anyway…great photograph Lou Barlow….in that photograph you are a top contender for the image that I hope replaces the one that they have now on Wiki.

    Which image best defines Man:

    We should always take time out in life to have fun right…RIGHT!



    Oh my, I wasn’t expecting to see a picture of that. Though we could always say that that guy was at last night’s show to keep this on topic. You know, just hanging out. Literally. :mrgreen:

    Oh yes! And great pics! I love the one of Lou. I’m making up 1,001 scenarios on how he ripped his jeans. Wrestling the naked guy to see who will have their picture on Wiki as the definition of man is one of them. :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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