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    Thanks to Erin Cunningham on the Watt list [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img]



    Cool pics! Thanks Erin from Watt’s list..

    Have you noticed that these pictures and a few I’ve seen from the UK & European Tour, are very bright. It is almost like the band is playing in someones living room. NC shows are always dark, except for the lights the band has going on… I wonder if most of these pics are shot during sound check when the hall is lite up. Hm…

    I like the set list pic the best… Cool penmanship!

    Thanks for the post, review, and pics you two..
    A cali show would be also great to check out.

    [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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