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    Dinosaur Jr 05.03.06 Club Capitol
    Perth, Australia

    1 Gargoyle
    2 Little Fury Things
    3 No Bones
    4 In A Jar
    5 Forget The Swan
    6 Lose
    7 Lung
    8 Bulbs Of Passion
    9 Budge
    10 Raisans
    11 Kracked
    12 Sludge
    13 The Wagon
    14 Freak Scene
    15 Just Like Heaven
    16 Mountain Man

    Hi Guys. Here is the setlist from the first Australian show from last night. ;D



    Thanks for the setlist. I went on Sunday night and it was awesome….great show!!!



    I also went last night, very good night, loads of fun, nice and loud for sure.



    That sounds awesome, thanks!



    Outstanding show – though I was paying the price for not bringing earplugs for days after…

    "Forget The Swan" was my highlight – it sounded so fresh and enthusiastic to me. Lou looked like he was ecstatic to be there, too.

    I wasn’t expecting anything from Green Mind onwards (other than "The Wagon"), but I do wonder if there will ever be another chance for me to see the later songs live (with a full band) again…? Will this be the end once this tour wraps up?



    I sure effen hope so I sadly missed this tour as I am only 17 years of age :'( I tried but strict rules… But then I also heard I could have been aloud in by the company of an adult 18 years or older is this true???

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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