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    This looks gorgeous!

    http://www.matadorrecords.com/matablog/ … l-june-23/

    also: Note! the vinyl contains 8 tracks that would not fit on the CD version (some of which were only discovered after that set was released). They are:

    * Westie Can Drum (Elastica) – previously unreleased recording
    * Stereo (Remix) – remixed by Steve Fisk for the second pressing of the promotional single for radio
    * Agony Of The Stars – unreleased song recorded for the film ‘Sweethearts’
    * Birds in the Majic Industry – B-side to “Stereo” CD single (a second, unreleased version was on the double CD of the album, and is also included here)
    * Painted Soldiers – unreleased, live from KCRW 2/25/97
    * What Goes On – a Velvet Underground cover, unreleased, live from KCRW 2/25/97
    * Kris Kraft – unreleased, live from KRW 2/25/97
    * And Then (7″ version) – B-side to “Spit On A Stranger” 7″

    Can’t wait!


    Goodness gracious me !
    Come on june 23rd, hurry up !


    I was thinking the same thing! I’m going to hold June 24th hostage until June 23rd smartens up and figures out how to travel back in time to today.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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