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    I had my flat painted yesterday, and now the walls are all shiny bright & white :D

    …unfortunately the paint smells very strong. last night at about 5 it rang on my door, and knocked insistingly at the same time, so that means someone stood right outside my place. I woke up, stumbled to the door and opened. two very young and gentle guys stood outside, trying to tell me, my flat was on fire. I said something like "no", closed the door, fell asleep again and dreamt wild and uneasy dreams of fire :roll:
    well, it looks like I didn’t give them enough info, because (after ringing at several other doors) they came back to my door, again ringing and knocking.
    I opened again, and they told me that they detected a scent in their flat, which came in from the stairs, and which smelled a bit like fire, so they went all through the house and checked all doors for that smell, and they found out that it came from my place. so they were very scared that there was something like a smouldeing fire and I was about to suffocate.
    they were nice and concerned, although it was a bit hard to assure them that there wasn’t any fire, but that it must have been the paint, which gave them the idea.

    I’m afraid, I didn’t thank them enough for the concern and attentiveness, I’ll do that next time I see them.

    And I really hope that the paint smell will be better soon! :evil:
    I guess there’s nothing to do against it but opening the window and sitting in the cold? :? :?: …if there’s any other suggestion, it would be great!



    no other suggestion, i’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the smell to subside ! :|



    You could try and mask the smell with incense or essential oil burners, I’ve had my landlord painting/remodelling below my apartment for two months…my allergies have gone mad :twisted:

    They have some paint here they claim does not have that smell, costs a bit more, but think I’ll invest in it when I do a couple rooms later this month. I’m putting a special magnetic paint under the final coat so I can hang pic’s without nails, just magnetic strips…it has a really weird odour though…maybe I’ll just get a hotel room for a couple nites :mrgreen:

    Cool neighbors though, gotta love that kind of thing.



    thanks :)
    I wish I would have been clever enough to do this in summer when I could have the windows open all day and night. But nowadays it’s too cold for that, although I try to have then open as long as I can bear.
    but nevertheless it’s getting slightly better (or at least I try to talk myself into it… :roll:)



    is it sort of like oldschool paint with a lot of dangerous fumes? if so it might be wise to open a window or two when your bookshelf starts talking to you.



    lol, no the painter said it would smell but that the paint isn’t poisonous. it is allowed to be used in food factories etc. but nevertheless this smell is getting on my nerves :|
    he said he had to use it for some moisture spots on the wall to be covered. they were caused from the neighbours above and weren’t humid anymore, but would come through normal paint.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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