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    Apparently he caught the robber in the act, leapt on the guy & put him in a headlock. He was holding the guy as he dangled out the window after the struggle, guy broke loose…don’t mess with Ozzy :shock:

    Pissed off big time

    Ozzy and Sharon Robbed

    Rocker’s country home broken into, $2 million in jewels taken

    In a televised appeal, Ozzy Osbourne and his wife-manager Sharon asked for the public’s assistance in recovering nearly $2 million worth of jewelry stolen Monday from their home in Buckinghamshire, north of London.
    Items stolen included jewel-studded watches, Sharon Osbourne’s diamond wedding bands and a 24-carat sapphire ring. The Osbournes are offering a $190,000 reward for the return of the stolen items.

    At a news conference held in a nearby hotel, an angry Sharon said the theft "pissed her off big time." Acknowledging the public’s likely indifference to a couple of millionaires having their bobbles stolen, Sharon commented, "I’m sure a lot of people will look at us and say, ‘Well, they have got more, they can buy it again, there’s more serious things happening in the world, who really gives a damn?’ But the thing is, we worked for everything…Everything we have got we have worked our asses off for."

    Beyond the financial loss, the Osbournes recognized that their lives may have been in danger. Ozzy Osbourne confirmed that he’d grappled with one of the thieves, who managed to escape by jumping from a first floor window. "In hindsight, it could have been a lot worse," said Ozzy. "I could have been like George Harrison. I just thank God that no one got injured." (The since deceased Harrison was the victim of a stabbing in a 1999 break-in at his home in England.)

    The theft provides an unhappy bookend to a year the heavy metal man spent recovering from a quad bike crash that broke his collarbone, six ribs and a vertebra and temporarily had him on a ventilator.

    Ozzy will release Bible of Ozz on Februrary 8th, a four-disc compilation that spans his career and also features a separate disc of newly recorded covers, including his version of the Rolling Stones’ "Sympathy for the Devil" and an update of David Bowie’s "All the Young Dudes."

    (Posted Nov 23, 2004)


    "Coma Girl" wrote:
    .. leapt on the guy & put him in a headlock.

    having seen how his motoric skills are in the osbournes, I got to say that I have a pretty hard time imagining Ozyy leaping on anybody, let alone hold them in a headlock.



    He’s apparently off all the antipsychotic meds now, hopefully his motor skills have improved :wink:

    Gotta love the story though, absolutely no way to verify what Ozzy says happened…I believe him :P :wink:

    I read another article today, it described how he was thinking of snapping the guys neck as he had him in the headlock dangling from the window, said it was a big guy with bulging red eyes… :lol:

    Two million bucks worth of loot just out in the open… :shock:



    yeah there’s no reason it couldn’t be true.
    and hopefully dropping those meds will do him some good.

    not the best security deal, I agree. would’ve thought they had a safe.

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