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    http://www.abc.net.au/rn/arts/deepend/s … 851220.htm
    On tour to promote his latest album Free So Free, J. Mascis plays for us
    in The Deep End tonight.
    Songs Performed:

    If That’s How It’s Gotta Be
    Everybody Lets Me Down

    J:"…I always was like ‘well if I wasnt a musican Id like to be on the supreme court’ I didnt want to be a lawyer or anything to get to that point…"

    Friday 9/5/2003

    J. Masics Performs Live

    If somebody asked you who invented Grunge tell them it was J. Mascis. With his band Dinsoaur Jnr, Mascis created the template for the Grunge explosion in the mid 80’s, long before most people could find Seattle on the map.

    A recent Dinosaur Jnr compilation was called Ear Bleedin’ Country. Has a record ever had a more honest title? The Dinosaur template was one choc full of fuzz tone guitars, a ramshackle cacophony that had an exhilarating, intoxicating chaos that drove it on.

    And then there is J. Masics at the middle of it. Frustrated drummer, reluctant guitar hero, reclusive front man and sorcerer of sound.

    Dinosaur Jnr. called it quits in the mid 90’s and since then Mascis has pursued his music alone with his mythical band The Fog.

    This: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/arts/deepend/a … 3_2856.ram should be available for another week or so I think
    Or I made some mp3s (slightly better mono am radio quaility) if jeremiah or anthony or someone wants to post/email me whats currently up for me to upload to.



    hey mr.Squiggle, thanks for the fantastic hint 8) :!:

    It’s great to listen to an interview with J – apart from the rather usual, there are some details about the damage in Bob’s place and & the two songs are really fine acoustic versions :mrgreen:

    as I don’t know how to make good mp3’s out of real streams, it’s great that you made some :) thanks a lot !!! … anthony is the keeper of FreeSoFree.net, where he’s collecting live & rare Dino/ J stuff, well – I’d love to see the interview & the songs there :P :D :aliensmile:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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