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    With most of the music I listen to, I like to amuse myself, by overanalyzing lyrics. I really enjoy coming up with wacky interpretations, but I rarely do that, with Mascis (maybe it’s because he never puts lyrics in his album inserts, so I’m always afraid that I’ve heard them incorrectly!)

    Anyway, one of the songs that I do wonder about, is Out There. It was always my favorite Dinosaur song, but once I heard about Mascis being abducted, I couldnt help but wonder if there was a more "otherworldly" origin for this song.

    Did anyone else ever wonder about that?

    Also, has J ever mentioned anything about being abducted, in an interview or anything?




    Personally, I don’t think Out There has anything to do with aliens. But here’s something J said about them:

    J Mascis, regular guy, is superstitious? "Yeah, I’m a little paranoid, a little psychotic," he says in his characteristic tone, a quite sleepy mixture of William Burroughs and a Malibu surf dude. "I’m into… aliens. I was thinking I had been visited, but I don’t know for sure, so I was thinking of being hypnotized to find out. That should clear up a few things. I just don’t want to know what they’ve done to me. It can’t be pleasant."

    J holds his arm out, pointing to a faint but distinguishable triangle shaped scar near his left elbow. "I was getting a massage while I was on tour, and had it pointed out to me. That night, the opening band had these two alien magazines with pictures of all these people with triangle scars on their backs and behind their knees." He takes a last sip of Whispering Heaven. "I’m like, ‘Oh, great. Just what I need.’"

    Taken from Guitar Player, October, 1994.

    But you’ve got to be careful with what J says – he has an interesting sense of humour. [img][/img]


    "I got by
    kinda feeble,
    then I grew."

    – J Mascis



    Thanks for the quote, I never saw that article. The only time that I heard this mentioned was on a Mike Watt television interview from 1995. Toward the end, the interviewer asks him, kind of in jest, "do you ever just sit around and talk aliens with Frank Black?"

    Watt (nodding head in agreement): "Big time, big time…well, Mascis says he was abducted! He’s got the scar and…"

    Interviewer: "Is that why he’s so quiet?"

    Watt: "Yeah, oh yeah…but they gave him something. They gave him photographic memory…that’s why he was able to cut Maggot Brain in one take."

    Oh, and I remember Watt also mentioning this in a Rolling Stone article about UFOlogy in rock. He told them that they should interview Mascis, because he was abducted. The editors noted in parenthesis, that Mascis declined attempts for an interview.

    out there,



    Then there is Js association with that Bender guy (Niel?) from Alien Workshop. He’s done a number of covers for Dionsaur albums.

    Personally I don’t think there are such things as space aliens. It does not make sense. It makes more sense to say they are earth aliens. Like some kind of secret human culture. Or maybe the MK Ultra mind control project has taken on a life of it’s own and the flying disk stuff is just a big hoax to cover something like that up.

    But it all is kind of hard to take….

    Basically even if alien life existed how would they get here. But then we have NASA looking for them with thier strange desparation. Desparation for our tax dollars I think!

    I don’t know… This stuff is endless and there is always a point at which it takes on religiouse tones.



    penis tree

    Ooh, this deep.


    out there

    "Out There" is what I call "the song of my life". It´s just… unbealivably beautiful. :cry:

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