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    for those who can´t believe hte news check this out:

    <img> :
    Man this hurts…!

    Best wishes to J! I hope you get back on your
    feet soon…




    <img> faen faen faen faen faen faen faen faen faen!!!

    grim news. don’t know what to say really. but it sucks in so many different and horrible ways that I’m kinda numb and dumbstruck right now..

    get well, get on a plane, rock my tiny frostbited norwegian ass to the moon and back.



    So sorry to hear that <img>
    I hope, J will get better, soon! & I also hope that he will return to Norway for another show in the near future!



    the show in Malmö tonight is also cancelled:



    That sucks <img> for you guys don`t get to see J and J for being sick,get well soon J <img>



    That sucks when bands have to cancel concerts. I feel your pain – still waiting for Radiohead to "reschedule" from last year.



    he’s been on a pretty heavy tour schedule so i’m not surprised it caught up with him. get some rest j and get well soon



    He did sound a bit fluish on Friday, but it was that good fluish where your voice gets all throaty. I thought perhaps it was just a bit of a cold.

    Sorry your shows have been cancelled; maybe he’ll reschedule and tack them back on at the end of the tour.

    I’m sure he appreciates the well-wishes. I remember when Eddie Vedder made the news because he was literally throwing up on stage, and had to cut the show short, and everyone got pissed off and cut him no slack.

    Feel better J, & feel better everyone who was looking forward to shows.




    not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but this is what city slang had to say :

    +++ City Slang – newsletter +++

    +++J MASCIS: playing with himself+++

    In November indie rock veteran J Mascis will be on a solo tour. A man and his guitar. No campfire! It`s more a fireworks display of sometimes acoustic-y heart breaking and sometimes earthquaking rock songs with the most sad / beautiful singing ever! You’ve never seen a more kicking one-man-show! But, don‚t take our word for it…check him out on tour in your city this November & December. Go and see.


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!attention: Due to illness the first nine gigs are postponed. New dates TBA. Hopefully December

    08.11. Amsterdam-NL-Crossing Border Festival

    09.11. Nijmegen-NL-Doornroosje

    12.11. Köln-D-Gebäude 9

    13.11. Brussels-B-AB Club

    15.11. Paris-F-La Boule Noire

    17.11. Liverpool-UK-Stanley Theatre

    18.11. Edinburgh-UK-La Belle Angele

    19.11. Nottingham-The Social

    21.11. London-UK-Dingwalls

    23.11. Cork-EIRE-The Half Moon

    24.11. Dublin-EIRE-Whelans

    25.11. Belfast-UK-Limelight

    27.11. Madrid-E-Moby Dick

    29.11. Lisbon-P-Paradise Garage

    30.11. Porto-P-Hard Club

    01.12. Barcelona-E-Bikini



    just heard about it on the tv..
    but it sounded like if they were just going to reschedule…
    the tickets will be used on the new date or something..

    i was really looking forward to this <img>
    there’s always some crap happening..
    last time at hultsfred, my minidisk broke just when i was about to start recording..




    I agree with Squeapler, he’s had one helluva schedule thru the first part of his tour, definitely can take a toll on someone. Get well soon J!!!

    Hopefully the rescheduling will happen soon, J has just gotta rock a certain someones frostbitten something or other off <img>

    Allison <img>

    <small>[ 10-29-2002, 02:47 PM: Message edited by: Valentine Frankenstein ]</small>


    Bucky Ramone

    Hey, that sucks <img>

    J, get well soon!!!! (hope to see you in Amsterdam in little more than a weeks time, so there is a small personal interest here <img> )



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> with the most sad / beautiful singing ever </font><hr></blockquote><font>I still don’t think his singing is ‘sad’. But I’ve given up on that fight.

    Still. No matter your opinion- if you were an artist, would you want to hear the same comment on your style year after year? Don’t people allow artists any room for change anymore?

    *puts pen down*



    ohhh nooo , took all the way from denmark to see j in malmo – sweden. – PLEASE come back to malmo.. soo sad. best regards from copenhagen…



    the stockholm gig on the 31st is cancelled too <img>

    no fun <img>

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