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    Here is the place you can either type in or post links to your favorite fairy tales. Filth is not preferred, unless it is done Redd Foxx style or similar.
    I will start with a link since my printer can’t seem to get the whole think printed.
    This is the story of The Bun (or The Runaway Pancake).

    The folks who run this site gave me an interview for a microeconomics paper on how the Russian economy is making the transition from Communism to Capitalism.

    The art pieces on the site are also worth investigating. If the link doesn’t pop, just leave off the "bun.html" and go to the section "About the Art" for the story.

    I think they might be having some "domestic" problems so the store and site may disappear…. It is sad. They are good people.
    Feel free to email them, they are still there and will get back to you if you want anything sent your way. This is not a sales pitch, intentionally. But I figured I might want to give you a heads up just in case you are curious…….

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