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    It looks, as if I´m going to do the East to West Coast thing this May/June with some girl from Australia and I wonder if you could recommend some places that are worth seeing. Since I have no interest in Florida or Texas and she knows some guys in Canada she wants to see, we´re likely to concentrate on the north of the USA and because I know some people in New York and San Fransico, those cities will most likely be the first and last stop, but everything in between we don´t know about yet.
    Since I`ve only been to NYC so far, I don´t really know what the rest is like. I mean, I would really love to visit some towns like Twin Peaks, tucked away somewhere in the mountains (but I´m not really sure if those places exist in real life), then have a beer at the Roadhouse and feel incredably happy that you don´t have to live there.So if you know of any nice bars, snug venues, hidden treasures, spectacular sceneries, quaint and picturesque villages far off the beaten track, please let me know.
    Also, the Let´s Go guide says, that under no circumstances you should sleep in the car and I wondered, does that mean everywhere in the country or just in the cities cause when we did the South to North coast thing in Australia we slept in the car every single night without any hassle. Put probably America is a completly different kettle of fish.

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    Hey Dimpfelmoser,

    Sounds like a pretty cool trip, great time of year as well…not too hot yet. As you have already been to New York you are probably aware of the great clubs, shops etc so I won’t bore you with those. We stayed at the weirdest but very cool place a couple of times called the Carlton Arms Hotel in Manhatten…very cheap. Run by art students,
    huge murals on all the walls…huge female elvis in one room I stayed in, another had a huge hand holding a martini glass. It also had the most aggressive cockroaches I have ever seen as well, lousy showers, sheets from Bellevue hospital and a mental health group home on the upper level.

    Hoping to go to Chicago in April so will keep you posted on that. Minneapolis is great, check out the uptown area for some interesting shops. Always stop at the CC Club for a cheap lunch and great jukebox..they even have the Stooges Funhouse so hey stop by it is on South Lyndale. Great record shop right across from that place called Oarfolk, further down the street more cool shops. I will post some links for you later.

    Let me know where in Canada you will be stopping and I will see what I can do. We did a road trip to LA once, went to Grand Forks and took a right, I wouldn’t sleep anywhere on the road, but hey thats just me.
    If you do find a Twin Peaks kind of place let me know…awesome series…just look out for the little short guy…nitemare material.




    Hey D,

    Here is a link I use a lot for shows in Minneapolis

    Also has a list of stores, recommend Electric Fetus, Road Runner and Garage D’or along with the one above. Make that circuit every time we go to Minneapolis. Electric Fetus has tons of stuff, always pick up some goofy toys there cheap as well….I like metal wind up toys…Duck on Bike with hypnodisc eyes and prop on his head that spins while he rides….so cool.

    Also stayed at the Chelsea in New York, very cool place but the kind of place you put a big piece of furniture against the door at nite. But hey thats easy to do, also you gotta hit St Mark’s for some great stores, Trash and Vaudeville if its still there is great…got some great pink beatle boots there. Bleeker Bobs is a great record shop, comes with attitude but who cares.

    Have Fun,


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