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    :idea: I have been visiting a really good online free-content encyclopedia recently (see link This is a really good resource and open to anyone to edit and contribute! Anyway, there is a link to J from the Sonic Youth page that hasn’t been started yet, so I thought that the good people at should rectify this. Also there is no entry for Dinosaur Jr + heaps of other stuff (not sure how you add a new topic yet). Perhaps we could collectively draft entries for J + Dinosaur Jr in the bulletin board and then add them to the site.



    very interesting hint, Dinosaur snr!

    I’ve heard of wikipedia before, but didn’t really check it out so far. But it’s a cool place and I fully agree with you that our favourite bands and musicians should have decent entries there :D

    What I found is Dinosaur Jr. (Jr with the dot) and Lou Barlow.
    JMascis is still empty… so it’s a great idea to put something together here :):):)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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