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    Vinyl baby stole my heart:

    Motorpsycho & Jaga Jazzist Horns – In The Fishtank 10
    Mogwai – Happy Songs For Happy People
    Marilyn Manson – Golden Age Of Grotesque
    The Mighty Ceasar – John Lennon’s Corpse Revisited
    Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
    GG Allin – Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be
    Calexico – Feast Of Wire
    Leonard Cohen – Songs Of
    The Creeps – Enjoy The Creeps
    Sister Rain – Wild Flowers Grow
    Meanies – Secrets Of The Ancients Revealed
    The Cynics – Rock’N’Roll
    The White Stripes – I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself 7"

    Compact Disc exploration:

    The Appleseed Cast:
    Low Level Owl: Volume 1
    Low Level Owl: Volume 2



    Wow, thats some cool stuff
    Jeaulous :aliensmile:

    Please share yr thoughts about the Motorpsycho Fishtank session

    Enjoy yr little babies My Friend



    Johnny Cash-16 Biggest Hits (Columbia
    Johnny Cash-Greatest! (Sunn)
    –A little Country for a newly single man, they didn’t have any good Hank Williams Sr. or Patsy Cline
    The Clean-Anthology
    Girl Trouble-Illusion of Fun
    Centro*Matic-I’ll Love You Just the Same


    Bucky Ramone

    Nadine – Strange Seasons
    Highyy recommended if you like Centro-Matic, Wilco, My Morning Jacket etc. 8)



    Birthday gifts to make a Robert smile:

    vinyl treats:

    Trojan – Tribute To The Beatles Reggae Style -3lp box
    GBV – Box Set
    Rumboid – Yef
    White Stripes – Merry Christmas From The… 7"
    Mensen – Oslo City
    Mensen 7"
    Minor Majority – What I Deserve 7"
    Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Pin 7" on red vinyl
    The Kinks – Are The Village Green Society
    Isolation Years – Inland Traveller
    The Minders – Golden Street
    The Cynics – Twelve Flights Up
    Gore Gore Girls – Strange Girls
    The Afghan Wigs – 1965
    Violent Femmes – s/t

    Compact Disc Treats
    Guided By Voices – The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet
    Beuluah – The Coast Is Never Clear
    Beuluah – Yoko
    The Decemberists – Her Majesty


    Bucky Ramone

    the Band of Blacky Ranchette – Still lookin’ good to me
    Death Cab for Cutie – Transatlanticism



    Belle and Sebastian-Dear Catastrophe Waitress
    Beach Boys-Pet Sounds
    New Pornographers-Mass Romantic
    Wire-Pink Flag
    Buzzcocks-Another Music in a Different Kitchen


    Bucky Ramone

    Favez – Bellefontaine Avenue
    den Buck’s favourite Swiss guitar band’s new album, GREAT!!! 8) 8) 8) 8)



    My Morning Jacket-It Still Moves(one of the best albums of the year for sure)
    Mojave 3-Spoon And Rafter(beautiful,one of the year`s best too)
    Sandy Denny-Who Knows Where The Time Goes box set-ON VINYL!!! :mrgreen: :aliensmile: :D 4 record set! 8) (just a super collection by J`s favorite singer,lots of cool covers of Chuck Berry,Bob Dylan,Everly Brothers,Ernest Tubb,etc. ranging from her days with Fairport Convention to her solo albums)



    Elvis Costello // North (beauty!)



    hey Hansione, great to see you’re back! :D …too much work lately?
    how do you like the new Elvis Costello album?


    Bucky Ramone

    Eleventh Dream Day – Prairie School Freakout / Wayne EP (reissue)

    the new edition of Uncut, with a free cd compiled by REM, with some cool stuff, ranging from Townes van Zandt to the Ramones, from Ornette Coleman to Iggy Pop, from Big Star to Laura Nyro…. 8)



    11th Dream Day`s Prairie School Freakout still is`nt here yet :x that album was cut in 6 beer fueled hours :P hopefully the reissue will spark more interest in them :!:



    yesterday [img]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B000083C6V.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg[/img]

    today [img]http://www.logitech.com/lang/images/0/157.gif[/img]

    friday i will buy [img]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0000D12XI.01.MZZZZZZZ.jpg[/img]



    oh this is musical investments. we need a thread for all kind of stuff in October. I made my posts and I’m stciking with it.

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