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    Here are some reviews clipped from the Watt mailing list [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img]

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    Hey-I saw the gig in Winooski w/ J Mascis and ‘the fog’night before last. Best show I have seen in a long long time. I wonder if both that band and the pair of pliers will be at the upcoming Mercury Lounge gigs?

    Mike – you seemed disappointed about how it went, but I thought you worked the pick just right. Of course the sound wasn’t quite what I’m used to. Being a bassist under the influence of Watt, I’m sort of into the non-pick thing, but the fat, strummy, picky sound
    worked really well with the distorted craziness of J Mascis. All in all, bitchin’. Really.

    I was thrilled to see that ‘the fog’ appeared to be someone (hint: blue acrylic drums) from the distant past. Looked alot like George with a haircut or something. Sounded like George. Hmmmmm. I truly
    hope this band works out. And hopefully I have not spoiled too many surprises.

    [email protected]

    I caught the Winooski show Sunday and, of course, it was great. Watt opened
    the whole she-bang with J. and George BERZ (ex-Dino Jr.) on drums. Most material was off the new album but they did play "The Wagon" and another older tune from the SST days. Watt was a little down on himself about his performance but hey- this was their first practice, it just happened
    to be in front of a bunch of people. I’m not too crazy about J. live…
    his affection for cranking the Marshalls to twelve (that’s one notch HIGHER
    than Spinal Tap) wears on the ears. I do like his stuff when it has been reined in by the studio, however. The new material is very similar to Dino stuff, so no real surprises there. I know that as Watt
    becomes more familiar with the material he’ll click in with it just fine. One note:
    he wasn’t playing through a marshall, but rather his own setup.
    Bargain Music did their thing, and as much as they try to disassociate themselves from the Sublime sound, it was still pretty evident. Vince played sax on a couple of tunes, and Watt did spiel on ‘Percolator’ which I guess he did on their album as well.
    Watt then hit the stage. He looked very tired, but of course did not have his usual pre-gig nap before the show and was on the 20th (21st?) gig in a row. The band was tighter than I’ve ever seen them, and Watt mustered all his energy for the show. I didn’t write down a complete set list,
    but here goes (off the top of my head):
    Get gettin’ Down Down, Big Bang Theory, E-Ticket, Song for Igor, Chinese Firedrill, Bihg Train, Intense song for Madonna, Forever/One Reporter’s Opinion, Joe McCarthy’s Ghost, Little Man with a Gun in his Hand, I felt like a Gringo, Glory of Man, Search, Ack Ack Ack, I have always been here before, The 15th, The red and the Black, Walkin’ the cow, Fear is a man’s
    best friend, friction, little Johnny Jewel.
    A friend of mine who has been on the music scene for a long time (he’s fifty-two and has seen elvis, the doors etc. through Black flag, Bad brains, etc. and is a musician himself) was very psyched, and noted how the
    band could fire right into another song right after the last. This of course
    with a different setlist every night. All in all, one helluva show, and I’m glad it was taped (Thank you John/Ubiqridiculous!)
    Watt and crew crashed at my place that night with some discussion of the Sand Pebbles (I gave Watt my extra first-edition hard cover), then off in the morning for an oil change, border hassle, and Montreal gig. I swapped an extra Big Bottom Pow-Wow cd with Tom for one of his Overpass cd’s which I have to say is pretty damned good. I know I’m preaching to the converted, but see this show!!!

    —- end


    Sold my soul and all I got was this lousy T-shirt…

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