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    This was sent in to me from <A>glenn papp</A> . Thanks!!!!!!!

    1. where’d you go
    2. back before you go.
    3. ground me to you.
    4. out there.
    5. same day.
    6. wastin.
    7. blowin me.
    8. ammaring.
    9. the wagon.
    10. all the girls.
    11. i’m not fine.
    12. get me.
    13. little fury things.
    14. thumb.
    15. more light.
    16. freak scene.
    17. tv eye.

    What a freakin’ list!
    Man I can’t wait till Thursday! – Jeremiah

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    What is TV Eye ?…can’t say I have heard of that one…is it a cover ?…
    Thanks for putting that list up…great choice of songs…just building the anticipation…I figure all the shows will include the same songs to lighten the learning curve for Watt and Berz.




    A great cover to say the least, its a Stooges cover off of Funhouse. I highly recommend you check it out.
    ps Rhino Records put out a great boxed set of the funhouse sessions…..expensive but amazing and well worth it.

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    That set does look amazing. It’s good to see so much of the new album being played.

    The only times I saw Dino was after the "Hand It Over" and "Without A Sound" records and J only played 3 or 4 tracks from each album on that occasion.

    Ground Me To you and Same Day are 2 of my faves from the album so it’s nice to see them in there.

    Hopefully by the time he comes to the UK he’ll be playing Does the kiss fit too.

    Keep posting those set lists guys…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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