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    Just got back from the show at the Majestic Theatre in Madison on Tues night. Awesome show, really glad I saw them at this venue- very small and intimate setting. Lou + Missing Men were a great opener, they sounded great, looked like they are having fun playing. It was good to hear "Caterpillar Girl", I didn’t expect to hear that one.

    Dinosaur took the stage shortly before 10, J wearing a plain purple t-shirt and Lou jamming barefoot on stage. The setlist opened with Thumb, ended with I don’t wanna go there, the in-between the order will be wrong, but here’s what they played:

    Over It
    Get me
    Back to your heart
    Little fury things
    Imagination blind
    The Wagon
    Feel the pain
    I want you to know
    I don’t wanna go there
    Bulbs of passion
    Just like heaven

    Definitely a good showing of tracks off "Farm", they sounded fantastic. The Majestic is a small place, I think it holds like 500 or so full, it looked close to full, small mosh pit towards the end. My wife and I were at the show, and neither of us wants to mosh anymore, so we had awesome balcony seats on the left side of the stage. Great vantage point, I had never seen Dinosaur Jr from anywhere other than the floor at other places.

    After the show, we slowly walked back around the block past their bus, and Noel was out there. I just kinda said hi, checked your blog a few times, sounds like the tour is going well, something to that effect. He talked briefly, mentioned how they’ve been zig-zagging their way all over the place (Madison to St.Louis and back up to Chicago…). He went back in, and then out popped Murph and Tom (Lou’s guitarist). I said "hi, how are you" or something brilliant like that to Murph and told Tom they sounded awesome, best opening set I think I’ve heard. My wife talked Murph’s ear off (she had a bit more wine before the show than she normally would, I stuck to coffee to stay totally clear for the show). Murph was totally cool, he was a really good sport and talked to us for probably 20-30 mins or so until he had to go help pack up gear. It was fun talking about various midwest venues with both of them, we had seen Dinosaur at various places (MPLS, Iowa City, Omaha (J + Fog w/ Watt)), and Tom mentioned Gabe’s Oasis in Iowa City as being particularly treacherous to carry gear into. My wife had spent a semester at UMass, so she could talk about Amherst with Murph, it was pretty funny. I didn’t bug either for pics or autographs, but I did shake Murph’s hand and told him great show, love the new cd, something like that. Can’t overstate enough how cool he and Tom both were, just hanging out and talking to a couple fans after the show. Wish I could make it to the show at FIrst Ave in MPLS in Nov, but, for us, this show couldn’t be topped by another anyway.

    There was a short interview with Lou in "the Isthmus", Madison’s local alt newspaper. I’ll try to find a link for it to include…




    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate hearing from everyone from every show please keep them coming! That’s very cool that you got to talk to Murph and Tom. I was able to speaking to the Missing Men’s drummer before the show at Philadelphia. They’re very cool guys.

    Like you and your wife, I’m not into moshing anymore. Dinosaur’s music is so much more than that, but I definitely love to rock out so I like it when people are showing enthusiasm.

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