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    What a night. feel absolutely shocking, one of my worst hangovers ever after getting the train back to London this morning.

    Tiny little venue, held about 100 or so people. Chris Brokaw was the support, apparantly he has written some tracks/track for Evan Dando. Really good support – bought two cd’s off him afterwards.

    J came on about 9, sat on a box, and played about 1hr and half of the most amazing set I’ve ever seen. Kept telling the lady I was with "this one’s my favourite" to every song.

    Not too many people seemed to know many of the tracks, but he played some great ones, including just like heaven, if that’s how it’s gotta be, repulsion, get me, ammaring, same day, freak scene, everybody let’s me down, and I’ll list the rest when my brain starts working again.

    tonight is peel, then dingwalls tomorrow. am scheduling in some sort of detox for Friday.

    Sorry about the sparse details. Will try to provide more info later.

    i’m going to be sick…………


    Travis Bickle

    I was there too, fantastic set. It was great to meet Mr Mascis and Chris Brokaw after too.

    I couldnt believe how tiny the venue was and how close we were, it was so exciting

    I dont know about not many people knowing the songs, we had some great sing-a-longs where i was, especially on Thumb and little fury things

    other songs I heard that you didnt list were flying cloud, the wagon, Waistin, Someone said, not you again, severed lips, quest, what else is new and there were a couple of others more im sure..

    It was a great night that Ill never forget



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Javro:
    <strong>Kept telling the lady I was with "this one’s my favourite" to every song.</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>hehe, that’s what I’m always saying, too <img>

    Javro & Travis, thanks a lot for the reviews!

    Travis, welcome to the boards, nice to have new members who know the songs already by heart <img>



    Good luck with the detox on friday Javro, easy on the painkillers though…liver sounds challenged enuf already <img> Have fun at Dingwalls, sounds like more than a few FreakSceners will be there <img> That fav song thing sounds familiar to me as well <img>

    Welcome to the boards Travis, hope you get a chance to check out Dingwalls & The upcoming Stooges Tribute out your way…it will be thrilling to the max, not to mention sonic as hell <img>

    Thanks for the reviews!




    Thanks for the reviews guys <img>
    Cool that Brokaw opened for J(being the Brokaw/Come fan I am <img> )and Travis got to meet both him and J <img>
    Welcome to the boards Travis <img>

    ps-take it easy Javro <img>



    an hour and a half !!! wow !! that must have been amazing …

    hopefully you have recovered by now javro …

    and travis that’s cool that you were in and amongst some real die-hard sing along types … would have loved to have been there !

    i’m getting ready to listen to the peel session in a bit, but i have my doubts … j’s not listed as playing … dawn of the replicants is … what’s going on there ?

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