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    Which do you prefer?

    Not the same for me.



    Not The Same






    Not The Same



    Flying Cloud for me. I like the story and the thought of J riding some girl to the top of the mountain.



    Flying Cloud for me. Not the Same is interesting, but I’ve never heard anyone do anything like Flying Cloud. I think it flows better with Green Mind over all.



    Both are great, but I prefer Not the Same. I love the sound of Where You Been, it’s so epic. Not the Same seems like it was recorded on another planet to me. J just sounds so alone and so far away.



    Definitely Flying Cloud – though I do like Not The Same – I’ve been listening to Green Mind a lot lately. I think that since the reforming of the original trio, the other Dinosaur albums kind of get overlooked more as J Mascis solo albums. Which might have some validity, but that doesn’t change the fact that Green Mind has such a different sound than all the other albums. It’s like Bug taken to the next level, all layered and psychedelic. I’ve been listening to Green Mind since the day it was released and last week I was still hearing new layers of sound that I’d never noticed before. But, yeah, Flying Cloud is great – I too like the narrative element of J on the ski lift, etc. See, that’s another thing I really like about Green Mind – lyrically it’s more specific than some of the other albums, with their being some element of a story in them as opposed to just feelings being expressed. Anyway…



    Ha! I had a conversation with a friend about this not too long ago after I first listened to "Where you been?". I would say "not the same" because I like how the guitar sounds and J’s voice just seems better in that song than Flying Cloud. I don’t really like Flying Cloud. The guitar is alright, kind of different(in a good way), but his vocals seem to get higher and higher as he sings so I dont know I just dont like it. Not the Same however seems like he’s keeping the same tone or pitch or note(not really sure) so it just sounds better. Both are good songs they’re just different.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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