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    I searched for many years for the lyrics of Not the Same, and I always found 2 or 3 different versions. In each versions, I found words that seem wrong others that seem right :)
    But I’m not satisfied with those versions, and as I’m not a native English speaker It’s hard for me to understand.
    So does someone here can give me the accurate lyrics of that song? I suppose that if there is different versions, it’s surely because it’s hard to understand J’s moaning even for a native English speaker…



    hey miner, now that you say it… :!: :shock:

    I just compared 2 versions of the lyrics of ‘Not the Same’, which I found on the net,
    this version & the lyrics we can find here on FreakScene.net

    There are lots of differences! Being not a native English speaker as well, I can’t decide which one is closer to reality.
    Anyone :?: :?: :?:

    Not the Same

    On this day where you’re so messed/ masked it’s clear
    Can’t explain the road/ world you roam
    Anyone who’s been
    As I walk with you, It chills me so
    To hear you say it’s gone the/ gotten worse
    (…?…) / And the rest I killed
    I cared/ Here I dreamed I/ Feared but true, Ma always talked to you
    You seem fine again, my sweet
    Feels alright to me
    Is it right for you?
    Flippin’ out I try to call to you
    Til’ you come to me
    Tell me what to do
    And I know it’s not the same, there’s no blame
    -Still I bother you-
    And you say it’s not true, dear, it’s mine to fear
    -Follow along through/son

    Come alive/ on out I know you’ll sing with me
    I won’t sing to you
    It’s not a thing I do
    Has it been a different feel for you?

    Wholesomeness was gone along
    Or is it something new?
    And I know it’s not the same, there’s no blame
    -Still I bother you-
    And you say it’s not true, dear, it’s mine to fear
    -We won’t coexist-
    Any way you’re not the same, it’s the blame
    -Follow along through/ son

    It’s a lingering that comes through/ to me
    Does it come to you?
    Are we really through? Any guy would do this thing for me
    It’s not much to ask
    Why can’t you?
    I’m not gonna say I’ve had my way
    Miss your song tonight
    What else can I do? You promised so much, lied with every touch
    I believed in you.
    Follow along through/ son.



    hey flying cloud, it’s a good idea to give the two versions…In every case I don’t understand the meaning of this text….But does it make any difference???
    Anyway, I really want to know the real lyrics, maybe I could understand a thing, and above all, I could
    correctly sing it…



    Oh, I just found in another version in my archives…


    on this day where you’re so messed, it’s clear
    can’t explain the road you’re on, anyone is (?)
    as i walk with you it chills me so, to hear you say it’s come to this,
    come to this again

    in a dream i always talk to you
    you seem fine again to sleep
    feels alright to me, is it right for you
    flippin’ out i tried to call to you
    do you call to me, tell me what to do

    and i know it’s not the same, there’s no blame
    and you say it’s not your deal it’s mine to feel
    follow thru

    come alive i know you’ll sing to me, i won’t sing to you
    it’s not a thing or two
    has it been a different feel for you, a one time miss was goin’ on
    or is it somethin’ new

    and i know it’s not the same, there’s no blame
    and you say it’s not your deal it’s mine to feel
    anyway you’re not the same, it’s the pain
    follow thru

    it’s the lingering that comes to me, does it come to you
    are we really through
    any guy would do this thing for me, it’s not much to ask
    why can’t you
    i’m not gonna say i had no where, you sure saw that
    what else can i do
    you promise so much, that have never touched
    i believed it
    follow thru

    :!: :?: :?: :!: :!: :? :? :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted: :slap: :?: :?:



    Wouldn’t it be a thrilling idea to distill something like a ‘close to definite’ version of the lyrics out of these?

    Well, like you said, some of the lyrics are really hard to get :?
    Anyway, it’s a great song :)

    J has his own opinion about written down song lyrics, by the way… (alhough I appreciate it very much, that there are lots of his lyrics written down ;) )

    Quote out of a German Interview:

    Listen how he sings. You understand only small bits of the lyrics – they are never printed – and nevertheless you always know, what they are about, because the words "I’m not feling well" – occur over and over again – literally or not. Of course this is completely according to his intention, because on the one hand it’s an act of will to print the lyrics and secondly one doesn’t always need a reason not to do something. Mascis, however, has got a reason:

    "I never really appreciated it. I simply never wanted to. I rather like it, if people connect it with their own words because they don’t get the lyrics. Then they rather find things, that have to do with their own lives. Therefore everyone likes REM, because people can invent their own lyrics. And if you write them down, then that isn’t any longer possinble and that sucks somehow… "

    Some people wrote down your lyrics – or what they think they understand – and published it in the interet. You can get all the lyrics on fan sites.

    "Oh yes, the Japanese write them down. It’s always funny to see, how it comes out. Sometimes it is quite precisely, sometimes not. It’s amusing. It reminds me of hard core records, which always have lyric sheets."

    Some bands even write comments about their lyrics, which are longer than the lyrics themselves.

    "many of my friends in New York are artists, and it seems to be as much important to talk about your art than about the the art itself. It’s not so much the object of art, than rather what you’re saying about it. I don’t understand this whole game. I was also always disappointed, when I found lyrics of dongs, which I sang along with, and then found out that they were differently, worse, than I have thought they were.
    Therefore I didn’t like that and I that did it myself."



    I have always thought he sang: " can’t explain it on your own"… in line two :?:

    I just checked the lyrics under Band Info.
    I don’t like to be a perfectionist and ruin others personal experience with the music by telling what’s the real lyrics and what’s not…

    But it was quite sharming to read parts of the "forget the swan " lyrics http://www.freakscene.net/lyrics/forget%20the%20swan.shtml

    in confusion up and threw him, woke up every ???(dad???)


    forget the swan, a stone swims near

    I think most of you agree with me… :)



    Yea…maybe I’ll try to do my own version, put the words that means something to me…. :) And otherwise, I just have to moan like J!!! :lol:



    :) :) Don’t the smilies look quite evil…? :) :) or am I just paranoid :?:


    "Flying Cloud" wrote:
    Has it been a different feel for you?
    Wholesomeness was gone along
    Or is it something new.

    I’m sure "wholesomeness was gone along" should read "the whole time this was going on". Not sure about some of the other parts, though.

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