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    I just got back from the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds concert at the State Theatre in Detroit (I saw Dinosaur jr at the State Theatre on the WOS tour, great show). I strongly recommend that anyone that has a chance to see Nick Cave, do so. It was my first time seeing them live. I’ve seen over 100 concerts, and Nick has the most powerful stage presence I’ve ever seen. The Bad Seeds were incredible as well. They played a good mix of new and old material. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds don’t come around very often, don’t miss them.
    Neko Case was great as well. I’d never heard her/them before. She has a beautiful voice, that at times, reminded me of Patsy Cline.



    Hey Tom

    Sounds like a pretty cool show, recently saw Nick Cave on late nite tv, definitely agree with you about the whole stage presence deal!!! Saw him in NYC at the Peppermint Lounge I think a long time ago, wicked show, they also played the whole funhouse disc b4 they played which was cool.

    So thanks for the review!!!

    Allison…hoping not to dream about hockey <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    The three times I’ve seen Nick Cave were all three great, would love to see him again soon! (and with Neko Case as support act I can imagine you had a great night!, would love to sse and hear her live…)



    Neko Case has a great voice for sure,definitely in the Patsy Cline/Lorretta Lynn tradition without being too retro.
    Nick Cave is someone I have`nt listened to much but I like the Tindersticks,Angels of Light,and the Willard Grant Conspiracy;all those bands are Cave like so someday I`ll have to check some of his music out.



    Nick Cave is definately worth checking out. He’s my favorite songwriter. I’ve read that Nick Cave’s earlier group, The Birthday Party, were a huge influence on J, especially during the beginning of Dinosaur.
    The Birthday Party were a pretty unique band. They had a dark, raw, violent, agressive, country/punk sound. I feel like I’m being violated when I listen to some of thier songs. Real dark stuff.
    I’m beginning to babble. I’ll stop now, and just say that I stronly recommend giving Nick Cave a listen to anyone that hasn’t already done so.



    tom, the birthday pary is some pretty evil shit, almost disturbing, i can only listen to ’em in small doses; but i love nick cave. neko case is coming to pittsburgh next monday, but alas, not with nick cave..

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