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    Lots of new recordings are up on FreeSoFree.net!

    anthony and Kellee interviewed J in March 2002 in Philadelphia with questions collected by the FreakScene.net members. Now the interview is available on FreeSoFree.net as an audio file.

    Also new on FreeSoFree.net: A video recording of the whole solo acoustic show in Rome (Dec. 2, 2002), shared by plissken. Read plissken’s show review.

    Further there is the mp3 of the whole show at the Crossing Border Festival in Amsterdam (Nov. 8, 2002), and also a cool video recording of J playing "Not You Again" solo. Here are some reviews of this show.

    A recording of last years Cat’s Cradle acoustic/electric show July 06, 2002 has been made available by Eraserhead on FreesoFree.net. Great show, go get it 8) …read Jeremiah’s cool review.

    comber managed to tape J’s solo acoustic show in Adelaide/ Australia, and he has been so nice to share his great recording with us. More info about the setlist.

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    J’s tour with COBRA VERDE in May and June

    The Cleveland based band COBRA VERDE has been on tour in May and June — and best of it: on many of their shows, J Mascis has been on stage with them, to add lots of cool guitar sounds to their "post-glam indie rock" :D

    OSX posted a very cool and interesting review of the San Francisco show with lots of great pics.

    Here are some cool pics of Cobra Verde with J (and special guest, Mike Watt!) in an in-store appearance at the Amoeba record store in LA.

    Lots of show reviews are to find here on the site in the J live forum.

    More reviews & some great pics showed up on the Cobra Verde mailing list.

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    There has been much cooperation of J Mascis and the Cleveland based post-glam indie-rock band Cobra Verde in the past – CV members played on Free So Free and they were the support act on many of J’s solo shows last year. More than this: J joined Cobra Verde on stage with his guitar for more than a couple of shows in May and June this year.

    J also added some very cool guitar sounds on Cobra Verde’s new record, Easy Listening, released on 15th April 2003 on Wayne Kramer’s muscletone records (details)

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    J (solo) opening three shows for Built to Spill

    thanks to our member bside we got to know that J (solo) has played the opening show for Built to Spill on June 2nd at the Showbox in Seattle.

    J (solo) has also been opening for the Built to Spill shows in Vancouver, BC on June 3rd and 4th at Richard’s On Richards Cabaret 8)

    Would be great to hear how these shows went!

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    J Mascis has been on tour down under during the last weeks, playing a series of solo shows in Australia and New Zealand.

    There are a bunch of fine reviews in the J live forum about the Sydney show on May 2nd and about Melbourne on May 9th (ms_m shared some cool pics) – and comber even managed to record the Adelaide show on May 13th! More cool show reviews: J in Auckland/NZ and Wellington/NZ :mrgreen:

    Any show reviews, pics & recordings are always VERY welcome! :D

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    there were also a couple of interviews with J in Australian Magazines. As there are frequently the same questions, we’re looking here for some new questions for journalists to ask J :P

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    George Berz, Drummer of J Mascis & the Fog, is currently on the road with Evan Dando :) Here are some cool discussions about the tour and Evan Dando’s new album:
    George Berz playing drums for Evan Dando
    Baby, I’m bored

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    There will be reissues of the early Dinosaur Jr records this year and J is looking for some Dino live recordings out of the 80’s to be included as bonus tracks. Read more

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    I’m down for the Virginia show :D

    Hey, is there any word on whether J will be playing with Cobra Verde at the June 4 show in Chicago or the June 5 show in Cleveland? Both of these shows are Cobra Verde opening for the legendary Rocket from the Tombs.

    (in case anyone doesn’t know this already, Rocket from the Tombs was the seminal band featuring the late punk legend Peter Laughner, Pere Ubu frontman David Thomas, and Dead Boy Cheetah Chrome along with Craig Bell. Thomas, Bell and Chrome have reunited with Richard Lloyd taking Laughner’s place and Ubu drummer Steve Mehlman sitting in, to do a string of reunion dates. )



    hey Squeapler, have lots of fun at the show :!: :D

    thanks for the 2 new dates, I added them in the tour dates list above. I couldn’t find any word about J on the clubs’ sites, but if anyone finds something out about it, please post it here!

    And thanks for the info about Rocket from the Tombs – cool name, indeed 8) :aliensmile:



    cool beans.

    i’ll be going to the arlington show as well.

    btw…. the new cobra verde album kicks ass.
    hope they play modified frankenstein, my name is nobody, til sunrise, throw it away, whores, and here comes nothing.



    according to this article, J will join Cobra Verde on stage tonight at Valentine’s in Albany/NY:

    http://www.metroland.net :D

    … what a schedule! on Sunday he has been in Wellington/ New Zealand :shock: :!:

    Cobra Verde with J Mascis, the Amazing Plaid
    Valentine’s, Tuesday

    Cobra Verde probably became best-known for being Bob Pollard’s backing band as Guided By Voices, and their presence on GBV’s 1997 release, Mag Earwhig!, gave the critics something to rave about (everyone wanted them to repeat the impact of Bee Thousand, and Cobra Verde gave ’em the skills to get close). In fact, one of that album’s great singles, “I Am a Tree,â€



    talk about "digressing" – cobra verde has had absolutely nothing to do with bob pollard or guided by voices since 1998 :!: plus, the only member of the current band who played with pollard (not counting j) is john petkovic, the other three were all in other bands. sloppy journalism gets ridiculous sometimes.

    hey anthony – me and a couple other ppl are meeting up at the iota club about an hour prior to the show. the iota club doesn’t do advance ticket presales at all, so we thought getting there early and maybe having a couple drinks would be the best plan as i’ve been advised the club is pretty small, and j might draw a decent crowd. hope to meet up with you there as well.



    according to the Boston Phoenix, J will also join Cobra Verde on guitar tonight’s show (May 21, Cambridge/ MA, T.T. The Bear’s Place)

    Wanna see some middle-aged dudes kick ass? Glam-rocking indie warhorses Cobra Verde — who have the age, the decibel level, and the alcohol tolerance to have served as Robert Pollard’s backing group for a couple of Guided by Voices albums — are now teaming up with another special guest: Amherst grunge hermit J Mascis, who hasn’t had an excuse to tear shit up like this since Dinosaur roamed the earth. Mascis sits in with the Cobras tonight at T.T. the Bear’s Place, where they’re playing in support of their new Easy Listening, on Wayne Kramer’s MuscleTone label. That’s at 10 Brookline Street in Central Square; call (617) 492-BEAR.

    (sorry squeapler, looks like they can’t seem to forget about the GBV episode :( )



    i just called the iota club and they said j’s not on the bill for that night anymore.
    they told me to call back tomorrow around 5 to confirm for sure.

    they also said there are no tickets for sale, it is just cover charge, first com first serve.
    get there around 7-7:30.



    anthony – thanks for that info – too bad about j not being on the bill :( :| altho of course we will go anyway.

    i’ll prolly give the club a call early next week to see what’s up exactly. i hope the new york shows this weekend are going well…



    Thanks anthony & squeapler, hope you’ll find out about it, soon! … I wonder what’s the reason? I wonder about the other gigs where J plans to perform? Who would be on guitar for CV, then?

    and hey, what about the Cobra Verde gigs of the last days? any reviews???



    Hey Flying Cloud, I wouldn’t be surprised if J just needed a rest after all the heavy touring he’s been doing lately – I thought it was pretty cool of him to help out CV coming right off an Australian tour. I know when I was in Australia I was so tired when I came back, it’s a long flight, and I was just vacationing, not playing shows and giving interviews.

    as for who CV gets on guitar, they’ve played some shows this year with Dave Cintron and also with Mike from Gaza Strippers…but really there are so many good guitar players in Ohio and others out of state that John knows, that I’m sure they will find someone good to pitch in :)



    you’re right, squeapler, J’s tour schedule this month is really heavy, hope it can be cleared up soon in which shows he’ll play :?

    Here’s a very … individual announcement for the show tonight (I mean, May 24th) at Southpaw/ New York from one of the support acts, Girl Harbor :P :D


    Have fun y’all who will be there & hope to read some reviews :)



    Here’s some information that a new member of the Cobra Verde mailing list sent in, regarding why J is missing some of the shows:


    I saw the sunday show at the bug jar in rochester and it was super
    duper. My ears just stpped ringing today. On the J issue, they said he had a fire in his house so he couldn’t make it. That sounds sort
    of alarming now that it’s written out, but I didn’t get the idea that
    he was hurt or anything, just that he had to deal with his house and
    couldn’t be there."

    I’m assuming this is referring to unfinished cleanup from the fire at Bob’s Place a few months ago, certainly would make some sense that stuff needs to be taken care of, insurance companies dealt with and so on :wink:



    hey squeapler, thanks a lot for keeping us informed :) :!:

    I can imagine that J has got a lot to do now with clearing up the fire damage in Bob’s Place :? :|

    For the next gigs which are announced as Cobra Verde feat. J Mascis it looks like it’s best to contact the club for confirmation about J.

    But I’m sure you’ll have fun tomorrow, anyway :mrgreen:



    ok, there are a couple of new dates in June and one of the dates (June 22nd, Spearfish) has been cancelled, so I updated the tour dates with all the info available.

    If you hear of any new dates or changes, or about when J will be joining Cobra Verde or not, please post it here :!: :!: :!:

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