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    Mike just posted this on his mailing list:

    hi there,

    I’m on w/the fog now. third gig tonight in atlanta. it’s
    great playing
    w/j and george berz though I miss tom and vince too,
    they did a great job.

    melt banana really blew my mind, I love them. the bassist
    rika is incredible.
    I was very much inspired by her. I want to really
    get the pick going, she
    was so great at it. much respect to her. the
    whole band was amazing too.
    will try to tour w/them in the spring.

    by the way, I will have a tour diary for this mission w/the fog.


    For those of you that don’t know about the Hootpage I suggest you check it out. Mike keeps an online diary (which is great) and maybe J will be posting some of his thoughts from time to time on the tour. Even if J does not participate I’m glad Watt is keeping it up for this tour!

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