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    Hi all. I’m a newbie to this BBS, but not to Dino Jr/J. Mascis. I’ve been a fan since the late ’80’s and I very much enjoy everything J. has given us. Anyway, I went to the St. Pete show on April 17th, took some pictures. If you want to check them out go here:




    Hey Lee Wright

    Welcome 2 the Boards
    Thanx for the cool Pics

    C Ya

    Beezle [img]images/smiles/converted/18.gif[/img]



    Welcome aboard.

    I like the pic of the setlist especially! [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]



    Yep, welcome and thanks Lee!
    Very nice pics [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img]



    Very clear and nice pics.


    Arr Arr matie



    Thanks guys. I was fortunate enough to make it up to the front and center that night. When the show was over, George handed me his drumstick. I thought that was extremely cool. He seen me singing along to all the songs so I guess that’s why he handed it to me instead of tossing it. Then I got one of J’s picks from their roadie. That something I’ve never cared about or even tried to get, but I must say I was very stoked when that happened.



    Cool lee. I’ve got two drumsticks. One I got when in 1997 George broke one during a song and just tossed it out, I was frontstage and center against the stage. A chick was next to me but please, I grabed it before she got grips on it. The stick is cool, split like a short dagger. The second one was same tour just a day or two later, it was handed… I think now I want a set list, I’ve got a friend, same tour buddy, he’s got 3 of them. He just jumps on stage and rips it down/up whatever is cool with him…thanks for the post on where you were on stage and your happenings. Again, good post.




    That’s funny that you mentioned your friend likes to grab setlists. Someone at that show I went to jumped on the stage and grabbed the setlist, then tried to grab a microphone. Mike Watt mentioned something about it in his tour diaries, that the crowd took care of it. I was one of the crowd members that stepped up. I was concerned they might stop the show. That group was harrassing J. most of the night. I didn’t want them to end the show because of a few A#$holes. I hadn’t seen J. since ’93 and no way were those punks ruining my evening. After several of us scorned them, they stopped messing with J. You could tell he was bothered by them, but he didn’t confront them or anything. I even noticed that he through a pick at one of them later in the show because they were asking for it. I thought that was pretty big of J., if I was him, I would have ignored them, but even though they taunted him, he still filled their requests, what a heck of a guy.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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