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    am working in New York from Thursday for a week, and have no idea what to do over the weekend (although considering Buffalo Tom gig on Thursday evening).

    Any suggestions on what a Londoner should spend his weekend alone away from his family doing gratefully received.

    am staying W 40th St. Although I have no idea what that means. Looks pretty central to me.

    cheers all.



    I don’t know of any local shows or concerts, but if I were in/near New York right now I’d check out Proteus Gowanus gallery/reading room in Brooklyn.




    thanks all. I ended up doing some shopping for family, perusing some museums (musei?) and gallaries, and getting plastered on a sunday afternoon, watching sports that i don’t understand (although the more plastered I got, the more I understood – a perfect correlation betwixt alcohol and comprehension). alas, i then decided that the perfect way to spend a sunday evening was watching richie hawtin (plastikman) play at a nightclub (having been convinced that my nightclub days were firmly in my past alongside carbombs and half pint gin shooters) until the wee small hours. dancing must be one of the only things that doesn’t improve with practise nor age.

    in short, i returned from new york unrested and peturbed, having learned nothing aside from the fact that i shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere on my own.

    wishing you all a most pleasant weekend

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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