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    Randy Jane

    As I said, I got another 412 cab, its a laney….I put Walmart pajama cloth on top of the cloth, so its baby blue with animals all over it. Very loud amp, Ive yet to get it past 1, well, other than the time a couple years ago when I got kicked out of a local high school for being too loud with the amp. (?) I also took my 74 Mustang to my dads house and hacked at it with my dremel and well, sorry J…it now has a humbucker (NO, not because of Kurt…..its all I had…mleh!). OK…….time to go, anyone else get anything kool lately?




    -A mutt Telecaster, made from parts of other Fender Telecasters. ’50’s reissue neck, Mexi (?) body in wine, left handed six saddle bridge, nocaster pickups. I reset the control plate so it’s (neck to bridge) vol, tone, toggle. $3XX.

    -A Roland VG 5 amp. Dropped off the shipping truck, had damaged on off switch and fucked up frame. $50 from mars music (remember them?).


    Randy Jane

    yeah, Mars…they have one in Nashville as big as our Wal-Mart here!

    My tele (squier) has some mods, like…no tone knob, reversed blade switch, and a vol. knob. oh, and lots of stickers.
    I also (in Feb.) got a CAR Jagmaster, I turned the toggle about 90° so I wouldnt slap it down when playing.
    My Mustang got a humbucker slapped into it a couple weeks ago.
    Squier Strat has two singles and a Duncan JB, a single locking Floyd Rose (regular nut) and Yamaha tuners.
    Lots of other mods to a lot of other geetars too.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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