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    Found this on the internet:

    Watch for the upcoming J. Mascis video "Everybody Lets Me Down", and you may see YoursTruly "auditioning for J’s band". A bunch of other Boston rock peeps were in it, and it was Loads O Fun. I was "The Indie Rock Bass Playing Chick", so, basically I played Me. HAHhr. But watch for "Rivers Cuomo", "Abe Lincoln", "Eminem", "That Guy From Creed", "The Slipknot Guy", "Elvis Presley", and, my fave "The Big Pink Bunny".

    webarchive of photoshoot during making of Everybody Lets Me Down

    scroll down to find the pics

    & Some info:
    Frank, Tony and Peet got to be extras in a J. Mascis (Dinosour JR) Video last weekend. We had to be pop icons auditioning for J’s Band. Frank was Elvis, Tony was Wes borland and Peet was Scott Stapp (Creed). We are gonna post pics and video as soon as we get it



    interesting pics, why do those people keep making that stupid shape with their hands. This is 2002 isnt it?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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