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    Wed 03/20/02 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s
    Thu 03/21/02 Cambridge, MA T.T. The Bear’s
    Fri 03/22/02 Brooklyn, NY North Six (with Sea of Cortez)
    Sat 03/23/02 Philadelphia, PA North Star (with Sea of Cortez)
    Sun 03/24/02 Baltimore, MD Fletcher’s (with Sea of Cortez)
    Tue 04/16/02 Columbus, OH Little Brother’s
    Wed 04/17/02 Champaign, IL High Dive
    Thu 04/18/02 Chicago, IL Double Door
    Fri 04/19/02 Iowa City, IA
    Sat 04/20/02 Madison, WI The Annex

    I will miss the Chicago show by 1 Week <img> <img>
    <img> <img>


    K7 Rides Again

    J’s coming to back to Columbus!!!
    Keep the info coming!!! <img> <img> <img>



    right on kurtis. have fun <img>



    Kurticus you lucky *#**, very cool that J’s adding dates!!! Seems I may have to make a trip in April sometime, fingers crossed more shows get added!!!!

    Missing a show by a week <img> <img> , thats gotta hurt!!!





    Its cool all these extra Concerts
    Have Fun All

    Lets hope he’s coming to Europe Soon
    There’s a possible gig in Spain which will take place in May
    It would be great if he comes to Holland 2



    K7 Rides Again

    Hey!!! Who you calling a lucky **#*!!! <img> <img>

    Yeah I’m pumped already. I have family in Illinois…maybe I should just take that whole week off school and follow J west. <img>

    I now have acces to a digital camera, so I’ll be able to take some photos (no flash of course) and put them up for you all the day after…unlike the photos I took at the last show and for some strange reason have yet to get them developed.

    Jeremiah, if I see the Chicago gig, I’ll make sure to give you all the details about everything you missed <img> <img>

    AnthonyG and Spaceboy-Don’t worry, I will!!! [have fun] <img>



    good things are brewing. please look for details as soon as we get them
    <img> <img> <img> <img>



    Hey Spaceboy,

    Cool thing about that possible show in Spain is that its a J Mascis and the Fog show <img> Would be cool if he came your way, kinda nice if he did a few acoustic record store shows as well.

    **#* you know who you are <img> <img> <img> Looking forward to those pics, take the week off no doubt it would be a cool time!! Sooo jealous of you guys going to a couple shows… <img> <img> <img>




    will def travel to spain if he ain’t playing closer to home. combine it with a romantic break for the lady, obviously not telling her that J is playing. Imagine her surprise when we end up at his gig after a wonderful meal for two.

    "But sweetheart, how was I to know?"






    Very Cool,
    I know I’ll make it to the show at Columbus, OH Little Brother’s. It is a really cool little bar. I’ll also do my best to see one of the show in the great state of IL.

    I’ll be holding the FreakScene members sign so we can all meet each other.

    J ROCKS!! <img>



    what is the freakscene members sign, and where do I get one?!



    Is anyone going to the Philly show? I will be there!



    karen, me and a friend of mine will be at the show, and we’re going in total style .. <img>


    K7 Rides Again

    Chris, I’ll look for the freakscene sign. <img>

    This will be my brother’s 1st dino show ever!!! (I’ve finally converted someone!!!)

    Just found out…certain family members are going west to visit other family members after the Columbus show. Said they just might buy me a plane ticket to Chicago and back!!! How cool is that? <img>

    Is anyone groovin’ w/ J at the Columbus show? Now that I’ve heard Sea of Cortez, sure hope they make it.

    Are these sets just J and the accoustic again? Details D*mn*it!!!

    Jeremiah-here’s a link to LITTLEBROTHERS if you would like to put it up on the main page

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