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    In the new vid J talks about a new J Mascis guitar, purple stuff, hats & we get a tour of the studio.

    from the email –
    Hey there J Mascis fans –

    Remember last month when we emailed you this short excerpt of an interview with J and promised that the full-length version would be coming soon? Well the day has come and one of our most favorite J video appearances is available online right now exclusively to the J Masics email list. Believe us when we say that this is one you really need to see…

    WATCH: Maureen Interviews J Mascis, the full interview via this private link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gH3hGvzqOI which was created just for the fans to be able to get the advance first look before it premieres online over at NME.com later this week.

    We’ll have more J Mascis and album news coming soon but in the meantime you can find J news and resources on his Facebook and Twitter pages as well as on his website and artist page at subpop.com.

    Stay tuned for more news!

    Until next time,
    J Mascis Email Group

    Pre-order Several Shades of Why now at subpop.com

    If you have any questions or feedback at all for J’s label, you can always contact Sub Pop through their appropriately titled email [email protected]



    So there will be a new j masics jazzmaster, looks like another $800 out the window



    I don’t think it’s a new J Jazzmaster, but simply a reissue of his model.



    He says the second one, so I think it is a new one and maybe more purple cause the other one is closer to a red



    I’ve heard he’s been playing one with a different pickguard, so it might be something as simple as that.

    Perhaps it’s a US model this time?

    Can’t wait to see, and spend money on, it!



    Perhaps he meant second one as in second run? it seems highly unlikely that Fender would do a second J Jazzmaster, let alone one that’s the same color.

    When it’s released, if there’s anything other than a different pickguard or something, I will be terribly surprised.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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