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    Love it / Hate it suggestions?

    Let me know. This is a small part of what I am working on but if the forum change is not working, I would much rather know now than before we spend too much time integrating it into the rest of the site I am working on. I know it is a significant change but it, in theory, should provide an easier way to see discussions (less clicks). Also by offering alternative ways of logging in I hope it encourages some more people to come to the site.

    If you catch any bugs let me know that too!



    I think I like it. Need a couple of days to get use to the new stuff.
    Great with the categories menu. Less clicks as You said.



    Glad to hear it! I’ll put together a writeup about the differences and such if needed.
    There are some cool things included out of the box – if you add a youtube or hulu link (just paste the link) it will embed it. I added code to update all of our old postsl
    If you reference someone in a post as you would on twitter or facebook with an @ sign in front (eg: @mind_glow it will auto link to their profile and if they have their notification preferences setup, they will get an email telling them they were mentioned.
    There are private messages but I did not port the old ones over.
    I have updated the overall rss feed on the board (all categories) here: or you can sub to just the forums you like for updates.

    Click the circle (or star depending on what I do with the theme) to the top right of the threads that you want to follow/bookmark.

    I still have everything archived so if this does not seem to be working out we can always go back.

    Still just the first pass and there are a few bugs I have found but I think I like it better too.


    Hairy Cornflake

    Just my tuppence worth,
    Any chance of a wee splash of colour?
    I like the layout – seems really quite accessible, which is good



    of course & thanks! The color and design will be changing as I complete the rest of the site and integrate it all together over the coming days 🙂
    If you can think of anything else let me know and I’ll see what we can do to get it in there!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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