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    Cut/Pasted from reunion forum, sorry to be repetitive (like this CD): Wonder what is up with the new CD on sale at these shows which is all about Amma and other repetitive weirdness. Seems to me that these songs were performed with J and a guy holding a gun to his head. What’s the deal?!?!?! I’d like to hear other’s opinions on this because it’s quite distressing for me. Hearing the first song (let alone an entire CD) of Mascis songs that I don’t like, or maybe just didn’t "get" them.



    I haven’t heard it but I’m pretty sure it’s just J’s way of contributing to Amma and that group. It’s not like a typical "new release" or something. I wouldn’t worry that everything he records from now on is going to be this way.



    Hmmm I really want to hear this now. What does it sound like? is it just J singing songs and playing guitarsv(I guess not since it’s J and friends)? are they J originals?



    me too. hopefully amma’s sight will have it for sale soon. i think people feel weird uploading it because the sales of the cd are going to help amma and her different charities.



    what is the cd called ?

    what’s the name of the record company that put it out ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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