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    Hello, I have only been to one J show in my life and it was in utero, then I decided to make my way into the world on the very day that J was in my very own state. Too bad we couldn’t make it to that show but my Mom and Dad were very busy helping me to find this place.

    Alvaro Ignacio ( aka Bebe Oscar and Iggy) was born Wednesday November 10th, at 1:52 AM after a long and hard 9 hour labor.
    He weighed 8 lbs and 0oz’s. The mid-wife let my daughter Cecilia (Keeko) and her father grab the baby on the way out. I will post a photo or two of us as soon as I gather my energy back and I must say although I have done this now 4 times, :shock: , my bottom feels as if it has been hit with a sledgehammer about 21 times. :evil:



    See, if you’d waited 3 more days, you could’ve shared your birthday with me… :wink:

    Congratulations on the new arrival, Anna! :)

    …and welcome to the world Alvaro Ignacio "Oscar"! :mrgreen:


    Bucky Ramone

    Congratulations! :D

    …..and welcome to this FreakScene Alvaro Ignacio…. 8)



    Congrats!! :aliensmile: :mrgreen: :D :) 8)



    Wow that is great news :)

    Welcome Alvaro Ignacio "Oscar" !!!!








    :) :D :mrgreen: :aliensmile:



    big welcome from me as well! :D :D :D
    so good to hear, that things went well!


    fata morgana

    He’ll be listening to Dino in no time!! Congrats, Annastefka :D



    he sleeps all day and wants to be up all night.

    He`s going to be a musician someday I`m sure! :wink:



    Hey, Stephanie,

    It’s Matt Greenia. Congratulations on the new edition / addition to your family! Mom told me that you were expecting soon. I hope all is well with all of you.

    Give everybody a hug and say hi to the Athens scene for me. That Smith’s show in Atlanta was great, by the way!




    Yeah, I just left you a post under open topic. Your Mom was very helpful and supportive during this pregnancy. He was born on the 10th of November, I remember you are a Scorpio but I forget the day. I guess you have decided to stay in Altlanta for awhile, I had heard you were thinking of moving to the mountains.



    Congrats Anna, remember if the baby needs a godfather look no further :)


    "Rich" wrote:
    Congrats Anna, remember if the baby needs a godfather look no further :)

    Hey, Rich, we will need a Godfather but Our new priest made a decision that all Godparents have to be Practicing Catholics attending mass reguarly. He calls the church (if you are not local) and gets them to fax a paper saying you are well known at your church. The last babtism we did was so whack. I ended up using a couple from Spain who know my Mother-in-law. They are wonderful Godparents and practicing Catholics, they are members of the YMCA and swim with my children on the weekends. Very Nice. I, of course, wanted my husbands brothers, he has 4, but NONE of them go to mass now. Did you know you can be a Godfather, even if you don’t live in the same town that the babtism takes place in and you are absent. They use a "stand in" during the babtism and then place the absent Godparents name on the certificate. Rich, tell us about your avatar, and can anyone tell me why mine is now missing, and what has happened to the freak scene page? I am going to look around and see if anyone else is talking about it.



    Stefka-just re upload your avatar in your profile and it`ll be back :)

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