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    This forum rawkzz!
    seriously I don’t normally join a forum of any kind and actually want to be actively participating in it…
    until I found this one :D
    I’m kinda lost though… still trying to figure out how to manuver around.
    also curious, if I’m new, how long does it take for my post to be reviewed before its actually posted on the board?

    Anyways, a little bit about me:
    **My dad got me a full set of "nature and life" Encyclopedia for my 1st birthday gift.** On my 2nd bday, my uncle told me to choose between $100 and a harmonica – I picked the darn harmonica (because "the money doesn’t make sound"). I guess those two events made me who I am……



    Welcome :D

    It`s not that tough to get around once you get used to it.Oh you`re in Kansas?PunkyJ lives there too :)

    So what other bands do you like?



    Umm…the post will be reviewed and approved as fast as we get around to it. Usually we’re rather quick. But then again, sometimes we’re not. Either way, cut loose and fire at will.

    Incidentally, can you play the imperial march, or the Futurama theme on your harmonica ? That would be neat.

    Also, welcome.



    Yes Welcome to the Freak Scene. :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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