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    I just brought home "the best of" and I am floored! I love the guitar and the scratchy voice. I just ordered "Where You Been" and "Martin & Me" from amazon.com. Truly kick ass music.

    Well, just wanted to say hello! And I hope J comes to Pittsburgh soon!


    Randy Jane

    welcome to the boards duder…..J is by far my favorite guitarist out there….very talented, very amazing.

    Randy Jane.



    Welcome, Todd,

    I bought EBC not too long ago and enjoyed many things about it, including song selection and liners.
    Have fun here, and thar, and everystinkinware <img>



    Bucky Ramone

    Welcome on board from Holland as well, have fun! I think you will enjoy "Where you been" and "Martin + Me" (not the most obvious first choice to start a Dinosaur Jr. collection, but a great album!!!)



    Thanks to those who replied to say welcome! I love that we can all reach each other…from Pittsburgh, PA to Holland for cryin’ out loud! A friend of mine suggested J so I went out and did the safe thing and picked up "best of." Then he recommended Where you been and Martin + Me. He knows I love acoustic stuff so I am really looking forward to Martin.

    P.S. I saw the Spider-Man movie yesterday and loved it! I wish J was on the soundtrack!!!!!



    Hey Webslinger,

    Welcome to the boards… <img>

    Glad EBC had such a cool impact on you, I think I can suggest another cool J disc…Bug is my current fav give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

    Spidey fan myself, fav character in the cartoon for me was J Jonah Jameson (?sp) cranky so and so <img>




    Welcome to the boards Webslinger <img>



    Welcome to the board from another PA newbie! Where you Been is by far my favorite album (not so much the songs themselves, but the way they all fit together). Enjoy, and don’t forget the old stuff…sstsuperstore has a lot of the old stuff. Speaking of which, I gotta go there and buy some of the older stuff as well…slowly replacing all of my old cassette tapes with CD’s. Why the hell did I wait so long to switch to CD’s?! My entire sonic youth collection is pretty much on cassette…over a dozen of them….DOH!


    Long Distance Drunk

    Cool, another Pittsburgher! Welcome!



    Hey Todd,

    Welcome to the boards. I know several bands dont play in Pittsburgh because the owner of one of the smaller venues is a flat out racist. (Electric Banana).

    Milvale Industrial Theater also closed which is another possible venue down the drain.

    If you haven’t already, check out local Pittsburgh native Karl Hendricks (Trio / Rock Band) for some tunes that are very Dinosaur-like. He doesn’t have the same vocal sound, but the guitar / song structure is very, very close.

    -Jamie, shoulda moved to Pittsburgh after graduation <img>


    Long Distance Drunk

    Electric Banana is no more. Now its Metropol/Rosebud, Club Laga, & 31st street pub. No more Grafitti, either. And Karl Hendricks is GOD. He just got the band toghether, saw him play last month.

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