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    J Mascis + the Fog
    Free So Free

    Release Dates =
    Ultimatum/US :: 10.08.02 * accepting pre-orders
    City Slang/UK :: 10.14.02

    If That’s How It’s Going To Be
    Set Us Free
    Free So Free
    Tell The Truth
    Someone Said
    Everybody Lets Me Down
    Say The Word

    Press ::
    "More Light" is followed by "Free So Free"! Oh yes! The Godfather of indierock returns with an album so incredible, we could not bear the thought of sitting on it until next year. Thus, we are banging it out in October. J’s return to form on "More Light" is not only continued on "Free So Free" but taken to new heights. His trademark guitarstyle spread over 11 new and electrifying songs with titles such as "Freedom", "Set Us Free" and "Free So Free", you could think this is a concept album. But worry not, the master has given us a single called "Everybody Lets Me Down" and a cool video to boot. The production is a lot better than on “More Lightâ€



    Yay! New album! But… how come Mr. City Slang talks about "11 new and electrifying songs" while only 10 appear on the tracklist? Are there ten or eleven new songs on "Free So Free"? The listening audience needs to know! <img>



    So where can we get a listen? Ya gotta toss us a bone or somethin’. <img>



    Well theres a clip here… Freedom clip

    Big thanks to Hatchetface for finding that!!! Don’t forget to get your password to the mp3 club on City Slang, they are putting up an mp3 off the new disc in about a week and a half <img>

    Allison <img>

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