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    I’d like to seen the format split for Farm, LP/CD/ Digital….

    The guys at Jagjaguwar will make vinyl because of the perceived fan demographic(which holds some weight) and I would bet money J has it in his ‘contract’ that vinyl is made(History also suggests this)

    Theres not much money made from sales of music anymore(Some make more money from Twitter than record sales now!), So I would sell a dinosaur jr membership….

    Pay an amount for the album/year – get any format/gig codes for early or cheaper tickets/random prizes for members/The singles /meet the band/T-shirts/Random facebook/twitter shoutouts etc etc

    Theres so much they could do and I think this for once works for the band, fans and label.

    I just want a tape copy of the album 🙂 a large brandy and my phone turned off………Roll on August,.

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