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    in japan, J’s new album "free so free" is already released and this includes extra 2 tracks "no way" & "alone(15 minutes live version!)". i am sure that this album will be my favorite ones like "more light" or "martin & me" or othe dinosaur Jr’s albums. i also like the cover art too. it matches album’s songs and title.

    now i am looking forward to seeing J’s live in tokyo soon.



    A 15 min live version of Alone <img>

    Here`s hoping J goes to Japan sometime soon Deco <img>



    Thank you, Salami!

    I am really into the new album. I am listening all day.



    hey deco, you Japanese are very very lucky <img>
    Alone is a wonderful live song. Is it an electric or acoustic version?

    I’m curious about "no way", too.
    What kind of song is it? acoustic like the European More Light bonus tracks or rather a "rock song"?

    I also hope that J doesn’t forget to visit his Japanese fans (there seem to be a whole bunch over there?) <img>



    Hello, flying cloud. Yes, I think so, too. We are very lucky. <img>

    "Alone" is an electric version with heavy guitar solo. I don’t know when and where this song was played ’cause there is no info in it.

    "No Way" is a totally rock song. Very cool. One of my favorite tracks in the new album. <img>

    In previous J’s live in Japan, I could see a lot of fans. I thought the number of them got bigger than when I went to the DInasaur Jr’s live. Maybe, it will be more in his next live in Japan.

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    Very cool that you already have a copy.

    The version of "Alone" may be the one he played with Ron Ashton when J was in Ann Arbor, MI. Nov. 30th 2001. Ron on the electric with a wah pedal and J on acoustic with the fuzz and delay punched in. The reason I mention it was because I don’t remember anyone talking about any other shows were they played that song together like that. I was lucky enough to have been at that show and I have a copy of that show and the song really does last 15 min. Also the version I have was recorded from the sound board and it sounds unreal! For those of you not at that show let me just say I expected to be bleeding from my ears when I went home that night it was sooo loud! <img>




    hey, thanks for the info, deco <img>
    I’ve heard an electric version of Alone at a Fog gig in 2000 and this song really rocked <img>

    Do you know if it is possible to order the Japanese release somewhere, maybe on a website in English? that would be fantastic!

    It’s interesting what you tell about the increasing number of J fans in Japan <img>



    *Japanese release
    I bought the album by website of the Tower Record Japan. Tower JP seems to accept orders only by the local residents and have no Englishg info service. So I checked HMV Japan website. I think you can order there. The address is as follows;

    If you could’nt order, please let me know. I will check other websites. <img>

    Thank you for you info about the version of "Alone", Chris. I think you are right becuase the liner note says that this song is played by Ron Ashton and J together (But no mention about when & where). And it’s funny story about you ears! I can imagine that. <img>

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    yeah..its ron and j..but does it have drums? im dying to hear that its the blind pig version…




    hey deco, thanks a lot for the link!
    on the bottom of that Japanese HMV site is a fine little button called "English".
    I used it and ordered the record <img> – I thought it’s worth the risk <img>
    They say it will arrive on Sep. 14th… I’m really curious if it works <img>



    Hello Flying Cloud,

    I’m happy that you could order Japanese release. Enjoy J’s new songs and 2 bonus tracks. <img>

    Hello Boilerman,
    It has no drums, I think. Is that the blind pig version?

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    WOOO HOOO HOOO I’ve got it <img> <img> <img>

    thanks tons, deco <img>

    I’m not really sure if I could recommend this way to get it, though. I paid the same amount for the CD and for shipping <img> still got no idea how much I paid exactly … but you need some luxury, then and when <img> and while listening to that beautiful music I definitely don’t regret anything <img>
    There are those two bonus tracks and it has got a booklet with all lyrics, too … <img>



    Gotta love luxury <img>

    I have felt that pain with the shipping being more expensive/equal to the disc though…modulate by bob mould <img> <img> …didn’t have the same great outcome you had though.

    Enjoy the disc, are those lyrics in english?




    hey Allison,
    the booklet that came with the CD has about 14 pages. the first 3 pages are in Japanese, only some words are recognizeable (like "Ear bleeding country"), so it seems to be a kinda Bio.

    On the following pages, there are the full lyrics, in Japanese and in English <img>
    (due to my "lyrics phoby" I didn’t look at them closer, yet)

    I think that it’s the Japanese label "Ponycanyon" who publishes those lyrics booklets there (like they did for More light in Japan, too).

    The official liner notes go as following:

    Recorded at Bob’s Place
    Engineered by Mark Allen Miller, Steve Revitte
    Thom M??? (sorry, cool lettering but hard to read – like usual <img> ), Don Depew
    Mixed By John Agnello, m???ed (sorry again) by Greg Gilbi at Sterling Sand
    Cover Paintings Neil Blender, inside photos Phillip Virus
    Musicians include Tony Jarvis Wurly on 2+5, Don Depew slide on 2+5
    John Petrovic vocals on 3,4,6, Dan Mcglaughlin (???) Wurly 8, Mark Klein Percussion 7

    Jim Klar + Monster Cable, Dean Markely, Amy + New Balance
    Geoffrey Teese, Zildjian, Andy + Marshall, George Berz, Erick Fisher, David Shyde, Matt Showball, Tim the Dancer, Noel Ford, Bill Beasley, Mike McCoy, Steve Kaul, Marcia Hyman, WATT

    <img> does anyone know these people ???

    And it’s Ron Asheton, who plays guitar on the bonus track (live version of Alone) because J shouts that at the end of the song. This version definitely adds some new dimensions to the song <img>

    All in all I’m still perfectly happy with the record and don’t mind the money <img>



    Hey Flying Cloud,

    Thanks tons for all the info, considering the Japanese import myself…we’ll have to compare our luxury costs when I receive the goods <img> <img>

    Is J a New Balance sponsored artist, would definitely be cool. Dean Markley is responsible for one of J’s pedals, think Cobra Verde added some bits to the songs so some of those people could be them…am I correct Squeapler?

    Lyric phobic… <img> Looking forward to those Phillip Virus photos…looking forward to the whole package!!!

    Allison <img>

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