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    New album coming out and I’m way too excited! I haven’t heard any songs yet nor can I at this time (unless someone knows something I do not <img> ) but I want to start talking about it as soon as possible.

    First of all, it’s coming out in October!!!! That’s less than two months away folks! Same month as ‘More Light’ came out (I think) and the same month that Dinosaur Jr. played their last official concert. What does everyone think of the album cover (since that is about all there is to discuss at this point)?

    Also, does any one happen to know if the apparent ‘Freedom’ theme is a response to 9-11? I know a lot of artists are doing that now and thought maybe J was too. I just hope there are plenty of songs about heartbreak and loneliness since that’s what J does best <img>



    Andyfest-City Slang will be putting up a mp3 from it in Sept.
    The cover art looks ok to me.
    If the freedom theme is J`s response to Sept 11th it is odd though,J does`nt usually write songs on current events,maybe J thought about it alot and decided to write songs in relation to it would be a good idea.



    Getting a copy in a couple of weeks?

    Jealous… <img> <img> <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    58 days to the new album <img> and 18 days to Pukkelpop <img> <img>



    So, literally 30 minutes ago the very lovely Wyndam from City Slang wandered in and told me that he’s been playing the J album all day whilst he’s been driving around and that it sounds awesome turned up loud in the car.
    He suggested the freedom theme was due to J’s recent trips to India and the whole Amma thing as well.
    He said that the record picks up where More Lght left off but with better production and some real killer songs…. He said don’t be fooled by the similar sounding songtitles, and that it was a real diverse record…
    I can’t wait!




    Nice one – effectively the first album review! <img> I simply can’t wait – it sounds like it’s going to be everything I am hoping for "…the record picks up where More Light left off but with better production and some real killer songs" sounds EXACTLY what I need <img>

    Listened to More Light this morning on Minidisk on the way into work..JUST INCREDIBLE – I’m starting to think it’s even better than Green Mind…

    J is a God.

    NB : Any chance you could get your nice pal Wyndam to send me a copy of the new album?!?!?!?! <img> <img> <img> <img>



    Ammaring, the description of the City Slang guy about the new record sounds very promising <img> <img> <img>
    Thank you for posting that <img> I’m really looking forward to the single – and also to the record, of course <img>
    Like deepsludge said, there was a small report of J about the 09-11 incident here on this site: J about plane crash .
    But I also think, J’s dedication to the freedom topic derives from his engagement for Amma, too. Maybe a combination of both, or maybe it’s not just that simple … who knows? Maybe he will talk about it in an upcoming interview? hope so <img>



    …yeah i’d like to think it’ll be a pretty cool mix.

    Damn though, i’m annoyed with myself for not asking if there were any guests (a la Bob pollard or Kevin Shields) on the new record – guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

    i’m hoping to get a copy in a coupla weeks – more news soon!

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