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    I know a lot of us here have mountains of music, tapes, cd’s, vinyl, playlists…etc but no doubt some of us obsessively collect other stuff as well…ok obsessively may be a strong word (applies to me definitely <img> ) Guy I work with has 260 action figures and counting, majority star wars related, takes road trips across the border to get better deals. So do you wanna own up to some sort of collector mania <img>

    Music… I am most thrilled with my vinyl collection of early punk. Tons of Stooges, MC5, Damned, Saints, Dolls, Heartbreakers(The Johnny Thunders kind). One of my Saints singles alone is worth about 50 bucks <img>

    Fridge Magnets…70 and counting, fridge is just about full of magnets/stickers. Thinking I may need to buy a piece or stainless steel or something to continue <img>

    Betty Boop stuff…Hey! Love BB cartoons and collectible stuff. Last thing I bought was a devil BB with lovely feathers and the caption I didn’t know it felt so good to be so bad…gotta love that <img>

    Action Figures…kinda eclectic collection from Brian Urlacher to Mars Attacks stuff. Looking for some Tim Burton related stuff on my next trip south.

    stuff I’m not so obessive about but will pick up if I come across somewhere…Metal wind up toys, not the really old antique ones can’t afford those…saw a Popeye one for 400 bucks <img> Metal cats, don’t know why but I like metal cats, door stops or just plain figures. Pez kick ass, think my BEAR pez brought some good luck last season <img>

    So Hey how about you <img>



    Bucky Ramone


    vinyl singles: a lot…… :from the Sex Pistols ‘God save the queen’ to Nena’s ’99 Luftballons’ and back to Guns’n’Roses ‘Paradise City’, also a lot of indie/alternative stuff that nowadays fetches horribly high prices at record-fairs, but as I’m not selling anything, I don’t care for that….

    cd’s: also quite a lot…


    Metal model-airplanes: about 100, I did a job for Lufthansa in Frankfurt once, and someone at Lufthansa still sends me those very high quality metal scale-models of Lufthansa planes, I also started buying those models myself, now a part of my room looks like a tiny ‘Frankfurt Flughafen’ <img> <img>

    Switzerland: a lot of old and new travelguides (oldest one is a ‘Baedeker’ from 1896), old and new books, posters, photos, maps of Switzerland line the walls at my home, I love that country (going there again in a couple of weeks… <img> )

    Bikes: four of them…. (a racing bike, a mountainbike, a hybrid bike [see this topic for a picture] and an ‘everyday’ bike…) <img>



    Instruments-have three electric basses, two guitars, an upright bass, a balalika, etc. I know it doesnt’ seem big, but I’m only 19 man!

    Pewter figures-enough

    Hot Wheels-lots! Been collecting (not seriously) my whole life

    Books-I buy used books every chance I get

    collections-why can’t you collect collections. I still have a ton of semi serious collections from when I was growing up. Rocks, coins, etc.



    Cool topic VF! <img>

    I`ve always been a collector,though I`ve messed them up by selling alot of them <img> including:

    -150 cd`s,400 tapes(mostly blank),around 60 records,got a bunch of singles belonging to my aunts that I`m going to post up sometime,it`s all 60`s stuff(including Pat Boone <img> <img> )

    -about 150 comic books,mostly 80`s and 90`s stuff;I used to have some 60`s stuff years ago but sold it(including X Men#1 <img> )

    -Hockey and baseball cards;don`t have any of them now but years ago I had 5000 hockey cards,complete sets from 1978-1988(including Gretsky`s rookie card <img> )I also had some early 70`s cards that I bought at a flea market,I once even seen a card from 1931 <img> but did`nt buy it.My baseball cards were 80`s stuff,I think I had about 1000,I even had some football cards that my grandmother gave me from her trip to Boston once.

    -Transformers:had alot of them,sold them all except Optimus Prime.



    Well at least I’m not alone in my neurotic obsessive mania <img>

    Cool stuff, I think you can collect collections…I seem to anyways. I also collect pop up books, not obsessively but anytime I see a cool one its gotta be mine <img> Sometimes catch that collectors show, some wicked collections of gear, anything you could imagine people collect it <img>

    I collect old cartoon memorabilia as well, popeye, felix the cat, looney tunes, Bullwinkle/J Ward related.

    Gotta love that metal plane collection, I picked up one last year in a very small town. Really heavy old metal one piece plane…made from a mold or something. Moving prop etc. I have a fokker <img> triplane paper and wood kite, 4 foot wingspan waiting to be put together for over a year now…hmmm wonder how much it would cost to have a certain guy overseas put it together and ship it back <img>

    VG used to have a bunch of old hockey cards, paid the rent way back… <img> Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, hurts though <img> XMen #1, bet you regret that one <img>




    In the early 90’s, I was an avid collector of hockey cards.. Still have them somewhere in my parents place.. There are also some baseball cards in there worth something.

    Hopefully this topic won’t make me ponder utilizing my paycheck for full sets of pre-90’s hockey cards, and a subscription to becketts..

    However, the only thing I seem to be collecting these days is more and more lbs.




    I forget to mention I got a bunch of music and guitar magazines;3 or 4 them with J in it <img> and album review mags.




    Carl you might want to get those cards checked, some of them can be pretty valuable, with you on the paycheck deal though. Obsessive neurotic behavior can get really expensive <img> I love Huntington Beach, saw Social Distortion there waaay back!

    I forgot something as well, my Munster collection. Little Big Heads of the whole family, including Marilyn, candle holders of Herman and Grandpas heads, lunchbox, cool green coloured figures as well. Plates and this great purple tablecloth…yeah yeah I’m Insane <img>




    And I forgot my guitar pick and Calling card collections. Not every collection has to be expensive.



    drum sticks and plectra (guessing that is the plural of plectrum) from gigs. got loads from J, Murph, George, Lou, Jason, Eric, Eric Johnson, Sting (?!), Bob and Malkmus etc. Used to drill holes in the picks and stick them on a leather wrap. have the drum sticks in a cabinet. George’s is the most chipped that I have. What can I say, I was a weird kid.

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