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    K7 Rides Again

    if you really like Neil, I’d say you should like most any of his stuff. There’s a ton out there and it’s all pretty good. Some of his older stuff seems to be a little more laid back, and pretty damn depressing if I do say so myself while i think some of the newer is a little more upbeat and lively.
    If you like Pearl Jam-get Mirror Ball (Crystal Ball?)
    Live Rust-is good
    Broken Arrow and Ragged glory are 2 good ones w/ Crazy Horse also
    My advice would be to pick up some of the compilations so you get a well rounded mix! [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]



    Harvest Moon and Mirrorball are a tie for me.

    Depends on mood.



    Harvest Moon and Mirrorball are a tie for me.

    Depends on mood.



    Hi Sappy,

    I am with Kurticus. I haven’t heard every single album of Neil’s, but I’ve liked all the stuff I HAVE heard. He’s dabbled in country and blues in addition to rock, but he does it in such a smart and honest way, that sets him apart from other artists who’ve done that sort of thing just to be novel. "Decade" is a good sampler, as is the MTV Unplugged album.

    My favorite of his was this live, double-LP bootleg my father had; I think it was called "Young Man’s Fancy". It was a fuzzy recording from the late 60s, early 70s. I don’t know if it’s available anywhere, and I don’t know if anyone else would like it. Not that that helps you!

    So find out what’s on sale, and pick it up! You can also go to cdnow or amazon, and listen to sound clips.

    happy hunting,

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    K7 Rides Again

    yeah, good call on DECADE. It was the first Neil I ever actually owned (although I was already fimiliar w/ lots of his stuff) and I’ve been hooked since.



    1)Rust never sleeps
    2)Tonight’s the night
    3)On the beach (only on vinyl)
    4)Ragged glory
    6)After the Goldrush

    If you ask me next week, I’ll give you another top seven. Its like earlier said, moods, moods and more moods.

    Looking for compilations, the MTV one is good, it goes back to buffalo springfield-songs (chack out that box) and it’s got a great feel. Decade is pretty cool too!



    Zuma, After the goldrush, Everybody knows this is nowhere, Rust Never Sleeps, On the beach, Tonight’s the night, the s/t debut solo album, American stars and bars .. those are definitely worth checking out as well.

    Speaking of Neil .. anyone got any recent news about the missing six?


    Bucky Ramone

    <blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by rosa:
    <strong>So find out what’s on sale, and pick it up! </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Well, you could end up with a lot of crap if you follow that advise, there are some Neil Young albums that are better left untouched, ‘Trans’, ‘Landing on water’, ‘Re-ac-tor’ to name but a few…..

    The essential ones are in Hansione’s list I think!

    ‘Decade’ is a good starting point, ‘Tonight’s the night’ is an essential album (in my opinion), ‘Freedom’ and ‘Ragged Glory’ are great ones as well. "Sleeps with angels’ is great, I didn’t think ‘Harvest Moon’ was that great an album, and last years ‘Silver and Gold’ is a little bit boring, I think………

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    My dad had Comes A Time,used to play it alot when I was a kid,that`s the only Neil album he had though.
    I started buying Neil`s albums around the same time I got into Dinosaur Jr.My fav albums are:
    -Rust Never Sleeps
    -Everbody Knows This Is Nowhere
    -Tonight`s The Night
    -Ragged Glory

    Decade is a good sampler,you might want to start there.Rust Never Sleeps is the most consistent,lots of great songs on it.
    As den buck said he has done some crappy stuff but he has done alot of great stuff too.



    whats his best album?

    i recently bought Sleeps with Angels by Neil Young and Crazy Horse..at first it was difficult to get past some of the cheese, but ive really fallen in love with it now..’Change Your Mind’ is a masterpiece, there are some really amazing songs..

    if there are better Neil Young albums then i want them..so please tell me what to buy next..



    If your into that whole acoustic thing then i gotta recommend both ‘harvest’ and ‘after the goldrush’. both really beautiful records with some great, great songs on them. as far as the electric stuff goes, for starters i’d recommend the ‘weld’ live record … truly amazing and covers just about all the good parts of his somewhat erratic career.



    My advice would be to focus on the stuff from the seventies first — there you’ll find Neil at his best. Everybody knows this is nowhere, After the Gold Rush, Tonight’s the Night, Zuma and Rust Never Sleeps are all great records. Live Rust is probably my favourite. If you like it, move on to the nineties. Weld is excellent. Be careful with stuff from the eighties, except for Freedom and Ragged Glory, which are fine records. If you like acoustic stuff, check out Comes a Time and Harvest Moon. Enjoy!


    Bucky Ramone

    I just saw ‘Year of the horse’ on tv, the Jim Jarmusch documentary of Neil Young & Crazy Horse on tour, a fine portrait of a band on tour, with some fine concert-footage, and a lot of material from the archives, with some very fine live-stuff from Neil from about 1976, nice movie, I’m thinking about buying the DVD….


    Long Distance Drunk

    I’ve been a big Neil man for awhile now. Actually, I first got into Dino after seeing them open for Neil. My brother is kinda named after him too. I always tell people to start with Live Rust, then Decade. My favorite will always be Everyone Knows this is Nowhere. Some of his disks aren’t that great but he has RULED all 6 or 7 times I’ve seen him live.


    Bucky Ramone

    I saw Neil Young & Crazy Horse live twice this year (sorry, last year…., still getting used to 2002), both times in Rotterdam (I think I posted a small ‘review’ somewhere on Freakscene), especially the last show (three hours!) was amazing, heard that there was a quite good quality bootleg-triple-cd of that show, I’m going to try to find that……

    If you got a chance to see Neil Young live, go!

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