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    Now I am pretty new to J, but I am a big panic fan so I had to see what dave was doing with this guy. I have heard the show in Athens and the one last night in Petaluma…I love it.

    Here are my impressions of last night.

    If that’s how it’s gotta be = (good opener)
    Set us Free
    Little Fury Things
    Get me
    Everybody lets me down
    Freak Scene (yes)

    encore 1 = really hot!!!

    the wagon >
    Sludgefeast (I said damn)

    encore 2

    the lung

    It was great show start to finish. I thought they played "yeah we know" but I don’t know when. I also didn’t know two songs. The second ? had the lyrics: ‘Set us free’??

    There was a taper too. Hopefully I will be getting the show soon. When I do I will put it up for download.


    Bucky Ramone

    Hey woodpatri, welcome on board! :lol:

    Thanks for the ‘first impressions’, sounds like a cool show, good to hear that there were tapers about…. 8)

    Most likely candidate for the " ‘set us free’ song " is ‘Set us free’ from ‘Free so Free’………



    In response to the "Set Us Free" question…does J ever use those lyrics in other songs? The reason I ask is because he used those exact lyrics in a song during the 40 watt show last month but it wasn’t set us free. I know there is a lot of "free/freedom" usage, but this was specifically those words…

    Anyway, these reviews are making me wish we had just one more east coast date again. I would love to relive that 40 watt show over another time…completely rocked.

    It’s great how J’s lyrics still resonate with me today, just as they did 10 years ago being a high school misfit.



    Jayne, it wasn’t a song that they played at the 40 watt. Believe me I have listened to sloans recording about 100 times. It was new to me. I am sure it was "Set us Free". I should get this soon so we’ll know for sure.



    The second song was little fury things.
    They also played Out There which may be the second "?" you listed.

    The show was really great. The crowd was pretty sparse. Almost everyone moved up to the dance floor when J came out. There we a bunch of people going crazy. I think some of them may have been on ecstasy or something, which is typical for shows at the Mystic- I’ve seen people tripping out Cracker and Mazzy Star shows there too.

    It was the loudest I’ve seen him. I saw Dinosaur in 93 at the Warfield and again in 95 at Slims as well as another J solo on the Martin and Me tour at Slims and this was by far the loudest which is saying alot because it’s always been loud.

    Oh I see you already listed little fury things. I thought that was second but I could be wrong.
    I think the song you are thinking of is Kracked it goes "come on babe come on set me free…." I think they played that one too.



    The bartender said it was the loutest he had every heard anyone there. My ears were ringing for sure.



    Gotta love loud :aliensmile:

    Thanks for the setlists, keeping my fingers crossed, would love to hear that show sometime :!:

    Tonite in San Francisco should be cool, hoping some pics show up soon :wink:



    man, that setlist sounds great … out there … ammaring … sludgefeast … the wagon + the lung … :mrgreen: :aliensmile: :mrgreen: … j, you gotta come to london :D



    …so you were lucky enough to catch more than one show?! so very cool! :shock: :mrgreen:



    Patrick, I know they didn’t do that song at the 40 watt. I was just asking if he ever uses those specific lyrics in another song as I know I heard that line at the 40 watt- but obviously, no they didn’t do ‘set us free’ that night. i’ll have to go back and listen (again) to the show and see where he uses it, as I’m positive he used that line in a song that night…at least, i think i am:)

    thanks for the help though.



    Jayne, it sounds like you know it wasn’t "Set Us Free" even though we both saw J do that song just a few months before at the Caledonia. I have an Idea, my intuition said listen to "If thats how its gotta be" that song to ME speaks of the terrible time some December folks have with being tied down to a relationship. It is a song about having freedom within a relationship, but that is just what I think about when I hear it. That song has a "Set Us Free" feeling about it esp. from the April/Athens recording. Check it out.

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